LIFE: Week 17

  • I’ve been off from work this week! Woohoo!  Summer school has ended and us teachers get a little break before school begins again in September. For me, that means more time with this little bug…



  • We hit up Babies R Us over the weekend for one thing, they didn’t have it, so we walked out with THIS thing!  Mia is so alert and aware these days, we knew it was time to get her something that she could interact with and that would captivate her mind.  We presented to her…the Baby Einstein Musical Motion 2-in-1 Stationary Jumper & Entertainer!!! We first tested another jumper…in the store.  babiesrus jumper1I couldn’t stop laughing at the sight of my little baby in her first super cool big fat toy!  After reading the boxes, we decided to go with the Baby Einstein jumper instead of the one in the photo. Dominic really liked that when you press down on the shape buttons, it tells you the name of that shape in English, Spanish and French.  It also plays classical music and I like that the seat is softer than other jumpers we saw.  See this jumper set up in our home and Mia’s first experience with it HERE


  • Grandpa C came over for a little visit and lucky him, he got to witness a rare moment that seems to be reoccurring just a wee little bit more each week.  She laughed again.  Not a side-splitting one like her first time seen here, but a really good, “man that’s funny” laugh.  Every time our dog, Roxi, came close to her, or walked by right in front of her, she laughed.  What the heck!?  Mommy spends so much energy making goofy faces and sounds to get her to laugh and all it takes is a dog to walk by and she’s crackin’ up?  Go figure.

week17 054

week17 074 

week17 065

  • Dominic finished painting our “office” white, and I began painting a pattern on a wall using a stencil.  I’ll be posting a full review on the pattern when it’s complete and will be including the after photos, so stay tuned.

week17 041 

week17 043


week17 047

  • Mia had her 3rd swimming pool experience, this time wearing her first bathing suit and a water diaper.  She loves the water, kicking her chubby legs and splashing her arms.

week17 119 week17 122 week17 125 week17 127

week17 140

  • This kid still hasn’t figured out how to roll over from her belly to her back.  She still gets so darn frustrated with herself when she’s stuck on her belly.  She puts on some serious eyebrows when she props her head up like a little gopher.

week17 005


  • We are juicers!  We make our own juice and it’s the greatest thing ever.  Forget fresh squeezed lemonade on a hot day (which I can easily do now), how about a cup of apple, orange, peach, strawberry, watermelon, grape-ade?! Check out my tasty concoction…SOON (stay tuned for the post).


  • I caught a bug in the beginning of the week.  I felt like crap for 3 1/2 days.  Symptoms (which came in phases in the following order): funky throat, runny nose, congestion, sinus pressure, sneezing, ear pressure, headache, cough, bloody nose.  Yesterday, Dominic began to experience the same symptoms of my bug.  SORRY! So far, Mia is fine.


  • My friend, Carol, arranged a little photo shoot for Mia in the park.  She wanted to play around with a few fun ideas she had been collecting, so I gave her my camera and my kid for the afternoon while my mom and I played “stage moms” on the sideline.  We jumped in a few photos, too.  See my favorite 16 photos from the afternoon here!


  • I got my TB test done so that I can go back to work soon.  I can’t believe the number of shots I’ve clenched my fists for so far this year.  Enough!  I’m surprised I haven’t sprung a leak yet.


  • Mia prefers to sleep on her stomach.  Even when I lay her down on her side or back, she always manages to flip onto her belly.
  • Mia has slept in her bassinet (at my bedside) all week with the exception of 2 nights.  Where did she sleep, then? In her own crib for the first time! The first night, she slept in her crib for the 1st half of the night.  When she woke up for her feeding at 3am, I put her in the bassinet afterward. The second night, she slept in her crib until morning! Of course, she woke up for 1 feeding at 2:30am.  We’re proud of both baby AND mom!
  • Dominic is not happy about this new development.  Mia has favored ME over him for the majority of the week. When she begins to fuss, he holds her and tries to soothe her but instead she ends up screaming and crying.  The minute he hands her over to me, she stops and calms down.  One day, she wasn’t even upset but refused to let him hold her.  He gave her to me, she stopped.  I hand her her back, she cried.  Gave her to me, stopped…etc.  Even if I came within a few inches of Daddy, she began to fuss. I know his feelings are hurt over it and he worries that she doesn’t like him.  What’s up with this?!
  • She still can’t sit up on her own, but she tries! She really wants to and we can’t wait for that milestone.
  • She’s extremely observant.  She studies and analyzes everything and everyone!  My mom had not seen her for a few days and noticed such a change in her, almost overnight, in how interested she is in her surroundings.
  • Overall, we have a happy baby.  She only fusses sometimes when she’s hungry and when she’s tired.  She becomes more moany-groany when she’s bored.  She likes attention and likes to be entertained when she’s awake. Don’t we all?

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  1. Paula Cook says

    Love the pictures on this one. Mia looks like a doll on the one with Dominic helping her stand up!'

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