LIFE: Week 18 {shots = ouch!}

(Mommy fail: this post is 3 days late! again, been busy}

  • I think this week’s biggest success was getting Mia to sleep in her crib in her own room every night this week. She’s got so much more room to roll around (which she does, A LOT in her sleep) than she did in her bassinet. She has officially outgrown it :( I really loved having her sleep bedside in our room. The plus side: we don’t have to try and quietly cough in the night in fear of waking the baby. Do you know how difficult it is to cough quietly? Parents acquire some pretty dang impressive and random skills, let me tell you.
  • The stencil project I was working on in the office = a complete BUST. It was taking a ridiculous amount of time to cover just one wall with this small stencil, so after many attempts and hours of work, I painted over it all with white. We’re taking a different approach in there, now. Stripes! It’s so much easier and quicker, and we’re ready to set up shop in their ASAP. It’s almost complete. Here’s a quick look of the progress so far…

week18 062week18 064week18 069

  • Mia has already been rolling from her back onto her tummy for quite a while now.  This week, she FINALLY figured out how to roll onto her back from her tummy!  Man, what a difference this has made! I no longer have to rush to her rescue every 3 minutes because she’s nearly in tears, stuck on her tummy. I was super excited and showed her my happy dance when I witnessed it for the first time. In a baby’s world, the little things are pretty HUGE.
  • Daddy Dom took a day off of work mid-week for a family day! He had been secretly planning this little day trip in his head and wanted to surprise me with the final destination. Too bad I know my husband all too well, and with only mentioning to me that the dogs weren’t coming, we would be inside most of the day, wear comfy clothes, and that the temperature would be a bit cooler (on the coast)…I figured it out.  I told him that I knew we were going to the Long Beach Aquarium when we were in the car and on our way. He knew I knew, and was disappointed that the surprise didn’t last until we got there.  The aquarium is one of my all time favorite places (I guess my husband knows me all too well). Even though our 4 month old baby is way too young to remember this trip, or even know what the heck she’s looking at, we still wanted to take her.  She’s been so observant lately, so I knew she’d at least be intrigued and would be learning something with all the colors, movements, people, fish and stimulation. It was a really fun day and I’ll be posting about it soon, so stay tuned! Thanks, Daddy, for our family day. Moments and days like these are priceless.

week18 074

  • I went into work twice this week for a few hours, to begin prepping my classroom and my art projects for the start of the school year next week. Can all of you school-aged parents believe how fast the summer flew by? I’m curious, is it a relief for parents for the school year to start, freeing up your time to get things done, kid free? Or are you bummed out that your babies are away from you every day?  Next month, I will have been working at this school for 11 years! I did leave for about a year and a half when I moved to San Diego for school at SDSU. (How’s that for a fun little fact about me?)
  • Dominic’s best friend since high school and his wife (who live in San Diego now) were driving up north and stopped by our house and stayed a night on their way. They are expecting their first baby in February and they had just found out that they are having a girl! It’s really crazy how many of our friends are having girls right now. Let’s see, from Dom’s circle of high school friends, I think 5 of them (including us) had a girl this year and now 1 more is on the way.  I’m telling you, the ladies are taking over the world! At least we have someone to pass down our girly stuff to that she’s outgrown, now.
  • Mia had her 4 month appointment with her pediatrician.  You know what that means….shots! She got 2 shots right in the left leg and of course, she cried, but only for about 3 minutes. She was a tough little cookie. She now weighs 15 lbs, 1 oz and measured 25 1/4 inches in length. She’s still in the 90th percentile for her height and weight which means she’s big, pretty much. But, the doc said that she’s developing perfectly and to keep up whatever it is that we’re doing because it’s working. We got the green light to introduce her to rice cereal if we want, and Dominic’s been absolutely dying to start her on solid foods.  Rice cereal isn’t really a solid, but it’s the next step on our way to solids. That afternoon, we went for it. She did as well as could be expected. She’s having to use her mouth in a completely different way to eat so that created a mess on her face and all over her bib. It was so funny to see her little tongue trying to suck on the spoon and hearing her smack her lips together trying to swallow it. We did, however, get through the whole serving (3 tbsp.) and finished up with a bottle. The doc suggested to wait until she’s 5 months before introducing any pureed fruit.  We’re already looking forward to it.

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