LIFE: Week 19 {“duh”}

TGIF, friends! Time for another weekly roundup:

  • With the exception of maybe a day, we’ve been including one serving of rice cereal in Mia’s diet all week.  She loves it, gobbling up every last bite. She gets so eager for every spoonful, she reaches out to grab the spoon to try and feed herself. This usually turns into a miniature tug-o-war match, resulting with cereal on her nose and forehead and in Mommy and Daddy’s lap. Here’s where having a decent sized stock of burp cloths comes in handy. Thanks, Grandma, for making just about all of ours. Speaking of burp cloths…I’m in the process of making my own to sell on Etsy, along with my mom’s burp cloths, her hand made jewelry, quilts and possibly even onesies. I hope to get a few items up for sale by the end of the month. I’ll give ya’ll the link when it’s up and running.


  • We had our very first We had our 3rd set of house guests use our spare bedroom and stay with us for 2 nights. (Omg, you guys this is how bad “mommy brain” is…why did I think they were our first??!!)  One of Dominic’s best gal pals from high school, her husband and their 6 month old daughter drove up from San Diego for a visit and to attend our Labor Day Party that we put on at our house. Mia was a little shy around the new faces and around their cutie pie baby, Patience. Get this, little Patience has been sleeping through the night for Mommy and Daddy since 2 1/2 months! She now sleeps about 12 hours straight at 6 months old. The luck of some people, I tell ya! Okay, so ya want to hear one of the BIGGEST “mommy fail” of mine to date? I had been looking forward to getting some pictures of Mia with not only Patience, but with 2 other babies that came to our party over the weekend.  That’s 4 babies all under 9 months old in one photo…4 future BFFs that could have had a priceless photo of them in diapers together and I totally blew it! I didn’t get a single photo of Mia with another baby gf.  Ugh. I’m kicking myself in the arse for that one.
  • Like I just mentioned, we had ourselves a Labor Day Party (see post HERE)! A lot of people were out of town for the holiday weekend, but we still had a decent turnout of about 24 or so adults and about 12 kids and babies. Man, how things have changed with all these dang kids. Our friends are actually…responsible.  I’m one of them, now! Weird.




  • Grandma and Grandpa took Mia home with them after hanging out at our Labor Day Party for a bit. I think my mom was worried that I would neglect her or something if she stayed.  I could tell that my mom would have been able to sleep better that night if Mia was in her care, so I humored her and let her watch her.  The deal was to have Mia returned to me at 10pm, but Mia had been sleeping since 6:30pm and Grandma didn’t want to wake her.  So she kept Mia for her very first sleepover! And get this…the baby slept for a whoppin’ 9 1/2 hours straight through! She didn’t wake up until 4am for her feeding. That’s a first.  Too bad she didn’t make a habit out of it and continue this behavior for Mommy and Daddy. Rats!



  • Mia has been CRAZY talkative over the week. She usually gives me an earful when I lay her down on the changing table to change her…I don’t know why that is. I guess it’s an alternative to “reading on the john.” She’s fake coughing at me all the time, too. We cough back and forth to each other, as if deciphering Morse Code or something. I read somewhere that babies may do this to get your attention.  I sure hope so. Mia’s too young for a smoker’s cough…and none of us smoke.
  • Mia made the sound of the letter “D” for the first and only time this week…. “Duh”
  • Now for a new development that I’m not thrilled about.  I’m so happy that Mia has figured out how to roll, now. I’d be even more thrilled about it if she strictly kept her rolling in between “business hours”. This kid rolls all over her crib and play yard in her sleep! Once she bonks into the sides and can’t roll no mo’, she fusses and wakes me up. I get up and move her back into the center of the crib/play yard and sleep as much as I can until the next crib side collision. Last night, I tried sticking her back in bed with ME in hopes that she’d be a little less mobile while she slept.  Nope. Still kept me up.  OF COURSE, this behavior begins during the week that I’m going back to work.  Let’s just say, that I’m now an official coffee drinker. I barely touched the stuff before the baby…now I could be their spokesperson. I wonder if I could sprinkle it in every meal, and if it would have a similar effect on my brain as drinking it?!
  • Mia thinks our dogs are absolutely, knee-slapping, hysterical! When they walk within 2 feet of her, she’s cracking up and starts shouting at them.  Her whole body rattles and jolts with excitement, a smile across her face from ear to ear, over the presence of these pooches. I’ve gotta get this on video soon.

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