LIFE: Week 23 {sorry, 3 days late!}

Mia, darling, this week you…

  • …cried for the first time because I left the room. One minute you were jumping happily in your jumper and the next minute you were crying (not fussing) because I left the room for literally 30 seconds. When I reentered, you smiled again. Grrrrrrreat. The separation anxiety has begun.
  • …fell asleep in your jumper for the first time. I was painting a super cool and awesome stencil design (seen here) on the living room wall when suddenly I didn’t hear your noises anymore. I turned around to this….


  • …have been laughing and smiling a whole lot more. It doesn’t take much to get the giggles out of you and to get you flash that gummy grin that melts my heart.


  • …tried carrots (jarred baby food) for the first time and hated it. You made a “are you trying to poison me?!” face and Grandma said you nearly gagged on it. I haven’t tasted it yet, but I imagine I’d do the same thing.

What is your experience with carrots?

  • …tried peaches (jarred baby food) for the first time…since carrots were such a bust. I thought for sure you’d love it (an assumption I made before I tasted it myself) but you hated it as well. After I tasted it, too…I came to the same conclusion as you. It’s not sweet like I thought it would be, instead it’s rather bitter. My bad.

Anyone else notice what I did about the peaches?

  • …are still waking up once in the night for a feeding, but out of nowhere, you’ve started falling back asleep BY YOURSELF after the bottle, WITHOUT me having to rock you back to sleep. I literally lay you back down in bed between Mommy and Daddy and you’re out like a light. Hallelujah! I just scored like, 15 more minutes of sleep each night. Every minute counts, ya’ll.

When did your baby start to sleep through the night. I’m sooooo ready for this next milestone.


These morning faces are the best part of waking up, so much more than Foldgers in my cup. The writers of that catchy little jingle must have never had adorable, beautiful babies like you to wake up to.


  • …have a favorite show. Bubble Guppies! You’ve actually had a favorite show for about 2-3 weeks now but I just forgot to mention it before. This has got to be some kind of milestone for babies, but I haven’t found it in any of the baby books yet (probably because I don’t read any). This is way cool! Not only do you have a favorite show, but you recognize your favorite character on it, Molly (the girl with the pink hair) and you recognize the theme song, too. When it comes on, you look up at the TV in excitement. When Molly appears, you smile, light up, bounce and sometimes “talk” to her. I LOVE watching you watch your show. Also, I record them on the DVR. That’s so grown up of you, baby. Lucky for you, I think this show is adorable and not at all annoying. I actually catch myself pretty often, humming songs from the show throughout my day.

So, do/did any of your babies already have a favorite show? If so, what is it?

This is you, watching….



  • …have been hanging out with Grandma Maria for the past few days. The last time she saw you, you were a colicky 2 week old. She’s only been able to watch you grow through this here blog and has been dying to come back to see you. She flew all the way from Kansas (again) to spend a week with you. You must be somethin’ special, baby girl. That’s love!

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  1. Baby foods vary in taste from brand to brand. We like Earth’s Best, Plum Organics, Ella’s Kitchen and Sprout. They seem to taste like the real thing and don’t have any added sugar or other additives like I’ve noticed in some of the Gerber stuff. If it says it has juice from concentrate it’s pretty much the same thing as adding sugar. And why would you have to add apple juice from concentrate/sugar to apples? Apples taste good on their own don’t they?

    • Good point with the sugar. We check the ingredients, too. No added sugar for Mia as well. She doesn\’t like apples, though. Weird. We have the Plum Organics in a few different fruits but haven\’t tried it yet. Thanks for sharing, Jenna!

  2. Ahhhh I miss this beautiful little girl!!! Good thing for the blogs!!!! As far as baby food Maddy always liked sweet potatoes! Also.. you have that AWESOME juicer!!! Make your own baby food.. fresher and probably tastes better!! I know there are websites with recipes for them like… just google homemade baby food! :)

    • Mia LOVES sweet potatoes! And yes, we\’re interested in making Mia\’s own food. Just haven\’t found the time to get into it yet. Gotta do it! Thanks for sharing, Carol.

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