LIFE: Week 24

Mia, here’s your weekly roundup:


  • You tried sweet potatoes for the first time (when Grandma was watching you) and you LOVED it. This was your first jarred baby food success. Just wait until you try sweet potato fries! Mmmmm!
  • you’ve grown fond of carrots. That didn’t take long from last week’s near GAG from the taste of em.
  • Pears are your favorite fruit, so far.
  • You’re appetite has drastically decreased from your usual 6 oz. each bottle to only finishing about 2-3 oz. from each bottle. What could possibly be the reason for this change? Yup. Just as we suspected. You’re teething!


  • You continue to wake up once each night for a feeding, but as soon as you’re done, you immediately fall back asleep without fuss. Thank you.
  • Apparently, you give Grandma 2 really good naps during the time she watches you. When I have you 3 days of the week, you…do…not. I don’t know how she does it. I’m starting to think she fibbed your “3 1/2 hour nap” that you supposedly took at her house the other day. What gives, girl?!


  • You are wearing the final days out of your 6 month size clothes. Most still fit, but not for much longer. You’re already wearing a few 9 month sizes.
  • Diapers- size 2


  • We visited my co-workers at work for a teacher luncheon on Friday. It was my first time forgetting the diaper bag at home. Big time MOMMY FAIL. I had to stop by Grandma’s house after cutting our visit short to feed you. Sorry.
  • You made your first appearance at our local Oktoberfest with Daddy, Grandma Maria, Grandma Ceci (“Ceci Mama”), Grandpa Michael, Uncle Chris and Aunt Kristen. We ran into a lot of familiar faces that just lit up at the sight of you. You have that effect on people.

oktoberfest2oktoberfest1 FYI: If you just LOVE this adorable owl beanie….stick around. Your chance to win one is coming soon!!!

  • You, your daddy, the dogs and I went on a little neighborhood walk (2.75 miles). It was the first time, in a long time. Mommy’s “fat clothes” that I had to buy after birthing you are starting to feel snug. OH NO!


  • You enjoyed spending the final days of Grandma Maria’s week with us before she had to head back to Kansas. Can you believe it? She traveled all that way just for you! Your smiles, your adorable laughter (best sound in the world) and your cuddles made the trip VERY worth it, I’m sure. Mommy and Daddy were so glad that she got to spend time with you and see for herself just how amazing you are.

Mia, this week you

  • …slept through the night for the first time for us without a feeding. It was the only time, though. Barnacles! (Can you tell what we watch on TV a lot around here?)
  • …were witness to Daddy’s birthday for the first time! We (the adults) enjoyed a delicious homemade dinner (Chicken Piccata by Chef Grandpa) at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, followed by Daddy’s favorite dessert, a fruit tart/pie from Porto’s Bakery.
  • …are flashing your first tooth! I mentioned this already, but this kind of news needs its very own bullet point.
  • …are really proud of Mommy’s hard work stenciling the wall in the living room. You love looking at the framed artwork and at your reflection in the mirror on the wall.

We love ya, Mia Bug. Keep on growin’!

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  1. She is so adorable! -kelly

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