LIFE: Week 25 {Tooth no.2}


   You guys, get a load of Mia’s latest smile. It’s so cool getting to watch her transform each day. There’s always something new or better improved.


Outfit: c/o Babouka


Outfit: c/o Babouka

smile2aOutfit: c/o Babouka



In other random news…

*Rancho was fixed this week. He’s healing now. Poor dog. Never got his kicks.

*Mommy and Daddy went to the dentist. We both have cavities. I’m too embarrassed to tell you how many I have.

*I received this sweet little note in my lunch at work. I think I have a secret admirer…


*I love my sleeping beauty. It’s really the only time she’s ever still, calm and peaceful. These are the moments.

sleeping beauty


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  1. Oh my goodness that new smile is AWESOME!!! We miss you Mia bug! *HUGS* from San Diego!!

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