LIFE: Week 7 & 8 {rattle & strap pads}

Ok, folks.  No photojournal this time…but a few photos, still.  Update yourself on a few happenings in the life of Mia during last week and this week.  I’m now CURRENT in her weekly posts!  Finally.  Also, I’ve mentioned a few products below that Mia and mommy really love and think they’re definitely worth checking out for your little ones.  If you’re not a parent, they’re great, USEABLE, gift ideas for a baby shower or maybe for your niece/nephew/grandchild, etc…

Week 7

  • I bumped Mia’s little head on the car door while getting her out of her car seat.  First time.  She screamed and I felt horrible :(
  • Mia got her 1st little sunburn!  We were sitting outside at our annual family garage sale and it was overcast.  It never crossed my mind that you can still get a burn, even when it’s overcast.  Luckily, my mom made the comment that she needed shade or sunscreen.  That night, the left side of her face was red and we felt so bad.  Her skin was dry and peeled a little the next day.  DON’T FORGET TO WEAR SUNBLOCK ON OVERCAST DAYS!
  • I started wearing Mia in the Moby Wrap.  I like it!  We’ve only worn it around the house, but she loves dancing with mommy in it to loud music while we clean :)
  • Momma and Baby went on our first walk around the Rose Bowl (3 miles).  She stayed asleep until about the last 5 minutes.
  • Mia has started making a lot more sounds…coos and gurgles and squeals.  It’s like she discovered a new power or something :)

This is Mia, right after finishing a bottle. Yummy in her tummy.

Week 8

  • Mia attended her very first birthday party…make that 2!  Both on the same day and Mia was awesome!  She either napped or stayed super mellow all day, just checking things out.
  • Mia chilled in her play yard for the longest time yet, awake, without fussing!  Eh, about 30 minutes :)  Plenty of time to clean the bathroom.
  • Mia is becoming such a good baby.  The past few weeks, her colic is disappearing and she’s a lot more calm and comfortable through the day.  Mommy and Daddy LOVE it!
  • Mia is now officially wearing size 1 diapers.
  • Mia is now starting to eat 4 oz. of formula (not 3 oz. anymore), and she stays full longer.  I still breast feed her during the night and once or twice during the day.
  • She slept her longest stretch of time during the night, which was 4 1/2 hours!

 Product recommendation:

My mom and I browsed the toy section at Babies R Us and decided to get Mia some of these little wrist rattles.  They just Velcro onto your baby’s wrist and when they wiggle and jiggle, the rattle makes noise.  She just looks so bored sometimes, laying in her play yard or swing…so we figured adding a little “percussion” to the mix would liven things up.  We also got her little booties with rattles on them.  When she wears them all at once, she’s a one-man-band!  She likes them :)


The happy baby that mellowed out in her play yard for a whole 30 minutes without fuss!

Product Recommendation:

Every baby should have some of these car seat strap covers!  There’s a ton of varieties, shapes, sizes, colors, etc.  We got these from Babies R Us and they’re so soft and protect her neck from the harsh straps.  The thickness of them also adds a bit more cushion and support for her head (and so does that receiving blanket we rolled up and stuck under her head).

Snapped this one TODAY!  I can’t believe it’s been 8weeks already :)  I love her eyes and lips!

Quick Mommy Update:

You guys, I’m feeling so great these days!  I’ve actually been feeling great since around week 6, I think.  I’m so much more confident in taking Mia out of the house and to the store or running a few errands.  I’m not sleep deprived (thank you, Mia)!  I’m starting to feel like we’re slowly building a routine.  I’m more in tune with her sounds and which cries and motions means she’s hungry, tired, bored, etc.   I feel back to normal physically and the mentally part is almost back to normal, too!  Thanks to everyone who continues to visit Mia and check in with our little family, and thanks for the baby gifts that still continue to trickle in here and there.  We feel loved and supported!

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  1. Anonymous says

    Nice to hear you’re getting the hang of things and that she’s a happier baby! Let me know if you ever want to get out and walk. I go almost every morning.

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