LIFE: Weeks 9, 10 & 11 oh my!

Well hello again, bookblogworms!  Welcome to another riveting post on the latest in our little lives…mostly Mia’s (who is now 11 weeks old today), but we ain’t no chop liver…we’re in here, too.


*Well, you can pretty much just look HERE for her week 9 photos.  We were in Big Bear, our first family trip.


*A pretty major incident occurred at the beginning of week 10 that will reshape our family in ways we don’t even know, yet.  I wasn’t sure if I should even mention this, but I want to keep my blog real and true to our new family life.  This includes the good, the bad, and the DRAMA (insert soap opera-esque music here).  For those of you who have been following us for some time know that we’re renting a house with a roommate, one of Dominic’s friends.  Well, after living together for 3 months already, Dominic and I decided that (to quote a line from the movie, Bridesmaids) “we’d like to invite you to no longer live with us.”  I love that movie.  Anyways, our living situation is just not working.  It’s been a bumpy ride from day 1, pretty much. We’re not meshing well at all, actually we’re straight up clashing . The problems and frustrations we’ve been having under our roof together were one thing, and Dominic and I tried to be patient and to adjust…and maybe we would have for a little bit longer. But then came the distorted facts, the fabrications, the badmouthing us…leaking out and spreading into our personal lives and among our circle of friends because he can’t seem to adjust and/or meet our expectations.  Talk about high stress levels.  Even more, the house rules that we clearly stated before he moved in were purposely defied and disregarded. We feel completely disrespected.  What a slap in the face.  However, there is still a small part of us (and when I say us, I mostly mean Dominic) that feels bad for the way things went down, for the way this has come to an end (not on good terms), but we have to remind ourselves that we have to do what’s right for US and for OUR family.  I’ll be honest,  I never wanted a roommate to begin with, I resented the idea, but I was convinced that we needed one to afford the rent.  I knew he wouldn’t last long, but I’ll admit I’m surprised at how soon this happened.  So, the big question is… will we be able to afford the rent on our own now?  Honestly, I’m not sure.  I really hope so.  It’s going to take some major sacrifices and cut backs and hard work on our part.  I’ll be going back to work a whole month earlier than planned, unfortunately.  Mia will only be 3 months old.  I’m really bummed and disappointed about that, but I’m also so relieved that we’ll finally have our privacy (and I finally won’t be woken up between 1-3am when he comes home from his social life).  Dominic and I have never lived together before now, and I’m really looking forward to experiencing our life…our newlywed life…just the 3 of us (can’t forget the baby)…starting August 1st!  Can we just fast forward to that date now, please?  Wish us luck, folks…because we’re gonna need it!

*Now, on to other news…we had a great 4th of July…seen HERE.  Here’s a pretty funny lookin’ Mia at the end of it.  Oh geez, gf..looks like I’m going to have to teach you the tricks of being photographed, without the double chin!

*And here’s how she woke up the next morning.  Someone partied a little too hard… ;)

*There’s no other better place to fall asleep than in Mommy’s arms.

*And this happened…

I was so stinkin’ nervous for this day to come!  Luckily, I was able to get Mia to fall asleep before it was needle time…the first 2 were given to her left thigh.  She woke up and screamed for about 10 seconds and began to fall asleep again.  The 3rd shot in her right thigh sent out a piercing scream from her…but maybe a minute later she was calm and then asleep.  She slept most of the day.  She had one melt down for about 10 minutes, full of painful cries.  I felt horrible, but was glad to ease her pain through baby tylenol.  She’ll get her next shots in 2 months.

What other news did we receive from her doctor?  How about she’s in the 90th percentile for her height AND weight!  All along until now, when friends of mine have shared what percentile their baby is in, I’ve just smiled and nodded, having no clue what that means and not wanting to look dumb.  Well I asked the doctor…still unclear.  My darling husband chimed in with this much better explanation.”If there were 10 babies, Mia’s age, all lined up in a row in order from smallest to biggest…Mia would be 9th.”  WHOA!  We’ve got a big baby!  90% of babies her age are both lighter and shorter than her…10% are heavier and longer.  And here I was, thinking she was small.  My brother kindly pointed out to me that the fat kid is always picked last.  I responded with, “oh well, the fat kids are usually the funniest.”  At least she’ll have her sense of humor.  Ok, so here’s the strange thing.  Ever since her doctor appointment (a week ago), she’s been eating a lot less formula!  She was eating an average of 27 oz a day, now it’s like 18 oz.  I may be calling the doctor tomorrow with this concern.  Maybe Mia just got a little embarrassed and is cutting back.

*On the last morning of week 10, I woke up to this…

This was not staged in any way.  Dom didn’t even know I took this picture until later that evening.  Sneaky mom.  Man, I just love this picture!


*We made another attempt at “tummy time”…Mia’s still not a fan of it.

Notice the “what the heck just happened?” look in her eye.

*Another day of cuteness…

*Mia got to see a lot of her extended family (on Dominic’s side) at their Annual Family Picnic.  This year it was held at a park in Arcadia. Most people brought food, there were horse shoes going on and we ended it with some rounds of Bingo!  C’mon now, who doesn’t like Bingo?  We even won a few cookbooks.  Here’s what Mia wore to the picnic…

*One afternoon, I carried Mia in the Moby Wrap and danced my little heart out in our living room until she fell asleep.  I was movin’ and groovin’…or at least I thought I was.  Apparently, I bored her.

*Mia went to breakfast with Grandma and me at Marston’s in Pasadena.  It’s our fav little breakfast spot.  You’ve got to try the 7 grain pancakes and/or the french toast (coated in corn flakes).  My mom and I usually just get the eggs and then we split an order of the pancakes or french toast.  It was Mia’s first time in a restaurant and it was a success.  We were not one of those people with the screaming baby….not yet.  I think she’s saving that moment for a special occasion :)

She continued to be in a super mood the rest of the day…

*I went to grab another onesie to change her into, and before I could even come back to change her…the kid fell asleep in her changing table.  Silly.

*I’ll also mention that Mia now only wakes up once in the night for a bottle and knocks right back out.  Nights have always been easy with her, and they just got that much better.

We LOVE our baby to pieces.  She’s amazing.

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  1. Minu from Tamiladu,I says

    Beautiful darling Mia…

  2. Maria Carone says

    MY sweetheart is soooo cute. Beautiful big blue eyes, lots of hair [can a bow stay in it?] chubby little thighs. And she sleeps like her dad and her dad sleeps like his mom and his grandmother.

  3. Anonymous says

    I love her hair!!

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