Little Baby Foo Foo

Before my little Mia was born, Daddy Dom said that he wasn’t going to “allow” me to dress her in pink. Or maybe it was “too much pink”. My response to that was, “In your dreams, pal.”  My theory is this: while my little bundle of sweetness is tiny and cute and a rolled up ball of adorable chubs, she will be dressed up like a princess, a precious doll, a cotton candy treat…if I so choose.  This is the time to do it.  This is the time to play “dress up”, if you will.  She’s a cutie patootie baby and I’m having fun with the freedom to dress her as I please. And I must say, a lot of the super cute outfits I find are pink or have pink on them. But, I’m certainly not limited to pink, not by any means. Heck, if I wanna shop in the boys section at the store for her…I will (and I already have!). I’m not too hung up on colors representing gender. If I think a dump truck onesie is downright adorable, then I’ll proudly dress her in it. Just recently I bought her some camouflage print pants from the boys section.

I don’t want to attach the preconceived notion that certain colors are for girls and others are only for boys. I want Mia to embrace all colors equally and choose her favorites because she truly loves them, not because society has decided which colors she should like. Let me tell you, many kids at ages as young as 4 already discriminate against colors. In my art class, I often get students that tease others for using pink (if the user is a boy). I always discourage that kind of thinking by saying that all the colors are beautiful and that in artwork, it never matters which colors you choose to use. All colors are created equal.

Well because my friend, Noelle, knew that Daddy Dom wasn’t crazy about having so much pink in Mia’s wardrobe, she bought Mia this frilly get-up. I’ll be honest, this isn’t something that I would have picked out and I wasn’t too crazy about it (on the hanger), but after putting it on Mia I couldn’t stop laughing at how cute she looked….but in a funny way.  I don’t know how to explain it. She seemed so out of place and awkward, but also like such a dainty girl…which I don’t consider her to be. This outfit definitely makes for a great and colorful photo, though. So for this little moment, thank you, Noelle.

Oh, and btw…I knew for sure that once Daddy Dom saw his sweet little girl all pretty in pink, he’d have a change of heart. He did.

foofoo baby2 foofoo baby1

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