A Little Toilet Humor

I was in the living room with Mia (21 months old) when I suddenly felt nature calling.

I got up and said, “Mia, Mommy has to go potty. I’ll be right back.” I proceeded down the hallway and into my bedroom where my bathroom is also located.

Not far away, I hear the pitter-patter of little feet running down the hallway after me. Before I can even answer nature’s call, Mia runs into my bathroom, hands me this book, and runs back out.

potty book*source: my Instagram feed*

Since I’m on the subject, Mia is not yet potty trained. We’re in the stage of helping her recognize when she has to “go”, informing us of when she has to “go” and familiarizing her with her potty (she does have one). She does not like it. We have tried putting her on it before, when we’ve sensed a “poo poo” coming on. It didn’t go well. She squirmed and screamed and cried “Nooooo” the whole time.

To be honest, I’m not ready for it either. Implementing new ways of doing things takes work, especially with an almost 2 year old. Right now, I’m enjoying the last of my easy-diaper-changing-days while I still have them. Yes, I have to change diapers multiple times a day, but I figure I’m still going to have to wipe her bottom for quite a while after becoming potty-trained AND I’ll have to search for bathrooms whenever we’re out of the house when she has to “go”. Our pediatrician suggested waiting until she’s two. You’re damn straight I’m waiting until she’s two (only 2 1/2 months left).

Also, I have no clue where to begin when it comes to potty-training. I’m actually dreading it. If you have any helpful words of wisdom, advice, success stories, tips, tricks, magic spells or potions to share with me, I’m all ears! I’ve got 2 1/2 months to strategize (btw, spell check is telling me that’s spelled wrong and dictionary.com says it’s not!) and come up with a fool proof (yeah right) game plan.



  1. Wait for her to be ready. I’ve heard too many stories about kids taking longer because they weren’t ready. Dry diapers at nap are a good indication but also an interest in potty stuff, vocabulary, etc. sounds like you’re on the right path! Make sure Daddy is on board as well! :) this might help? http://theizzards.blogspot.com/2010/11/potty-party-post.html?m=0

    • Amber, I definitely don’t think mine is ready. She shows a little bit of interest in Mommy and Daddy going potty, so I should and will encourage more interest in her potty and in potty books. I’m just not in any rush I guess. Getting Daddy to chill is more of a challenge :) thanks for the link, I’ll check it out. Gotta say, I’ve never heard of a potty party! how funny. Thanks for sharing and for the comment :)

  2. I wouldn’t even expect your daughter to be potty trained already! Personally I feel like when people say their kid is potty trained before 2 they don’t understand that potty trained means they take down their pants, go on the potty, wipe themselves, and flush all on their own. There’s no way a 2 year old can do that, haha. My daughter is 2 and I just always take her in the bathroom when I have to go and talk about how fun it is. I offer her stickers or other things to get her to go. I have designated potty books that she looks forward to reading. I often talk about how everyone goes potty and even name her favorite people and say “Uncle Matt goes potty! He loves it!” Haha I don’t know, these are all common sense things but they really seem to work for me. When she goes I celebrate and call her a big girl and give her a big hug and clap and she loves it. I read a book called the no cry potty training solution or something like that and I enjoyed it. I took certain things from it and then used my own ideas too! Those books are really good when you just need an idea of where to begin!

    • Tina, so glad you said that, my husband is the pusher around here. always wanting to get to that next milestone. i’m like…CHILL OUT man, it will happen when she’s ready (which I don’t think she is). Anyways, thanks for the helpful tips and for your comment. Stickers…a must have for just about everything :)

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