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I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve had a haircut. I think I’ve gone all year without one. That’s a record for me. I guess I’ve just got so much going on and so much to keep track of that I’m starting to turn into one of those moms who forgets about herself! I have A LOT of hair and letting it get so long just..sucks. It’s heavy, unmanageable and ended up in a boring bun pretty much everyday just to get it out of my life. Leaving it down made me look old, slightly hippie-ish and too much like a “mom.” Literally, it was depressing me every day.

A few months ago, Daddy Dom and I went to a cancer fundraiser at a local bar to help support our friend’s team in an organization. They put together a silent auction of donated goods and services to raise money. I made a bid for a donated hair wash, cut and style at a local salon by a gal that went to high school with Daddy Dom. You guessed it, I won! I was only up against one other bid. Still, I was beyond stoked and have been looking forward to making that appointment for a long time. It was meant to be.

When going into my appointment 3 days ago, I had no expectations really. I went in with a completely open mind and a willingness to give my hairdresser complete creative freedom. I figured anything would look better than the mop I was wearing on my head. Tina, the hairdresser, suggested donating my hair to Locks of Love if I was considering a short cut. I didn’t even think twice about it. “Yeah, I’m down!”

Tina Googled the details around donating your hair. The minimum length requirement is 10 inches and hair can’t be bleached (which mine isn’t) but colored/treated hair is accepted. I thought for some reason it wasn’t. My hair hasn’t touched any chemicals other than what’s in my shampoo/conditioner bottles for years. Every inch of my hair is natural, I was a perfect candidate. Tina tied it up with a hair band at the 10 inches mark and seconds later, my hair was in my hands. WHOA!

Tina’s donation of her services not only gained money from the silent auction that went towards fighting cancer but it also provided another organization who helps children (under age 21) suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis, with an invaluable hair donation! We both did our good deeds for the day and others will benefit from it. Let’s just hope that my husband’s silly comment won’t come true: “Great, now someone with your hair can commit a crime and it will link back to you (me) and your DNA.”



I almost forgot to mention…I love my new haircut! I mean, I’m still getting used to it and just how to style it, but I’m so happy with it. The husband loved it, too. It looked like he was looking at me for the first time or something, when I first walked in the door at home. My daughter (15 1/2 months) didn’t notice a thing. I feel more youthful, lighter and happier.haircut4

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  1. Love it!!! I did this once too… and then I bought the Instyler, and it made styling my new do so easy!!!


  2. How sweet! Your new cut looks gorgeous & what a great cause. I absolutely love your husband’s comment about the DNA! Hahaha… that is SO something that my husband would say… MEN! ;)

    • Seriously! They\’re around to think of the crazy things that we don\’t, I guess. And thanks for the comment and compliment. I\’m loving the cut, too.

  3. That’s AWESOME!!!
    Love the new haircut!
    Thanks for donating your hair.
    I have known several people who have gotten wigs from donated hair.

  4. LOL! That\’s…hilarious. Thanks, lady.

  5. The hair looks fabulous!!!

  6. Dang girl, peeps be breakin’ their necks to check you out!!

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