Making Merry Memories

This was our family’s attempt at taking some real amateur Christmas (notice I did not say “holiday”) photos in our living room this afternoon. Um…this was the hardest task I’ve tried to execute in quite some time. In the film industry, they say never work with kids or animals. Well…we took on both.  There were smiles and there were tears. In between that, there was a wild and clumsy puppy, Rancho, who put up a fight against sitting still and got a few swift kicks in the arse in return. There was also a soon-to-be 8 month old who put up her own fight against looking at the camera and also sitting still. She just wants to move. On the receiving end of those fights was the frustrated “stage Dad” who tried to control the subjects (none of which who understand most of the English language) the best he could while getting orders thrown at him from the demanding and particular photographer. The only calm and obedient one of the bunch was our old gal, Roxi. She was hardly amused by all the bumbling fools around her. Thanks for being a good sport.

Here’s the best of what we got…

xm1  xm2 xm3  xm5xm4  xm6xm7


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  1. Thanks! Yeah, Roxi is so good with her. She just lets her crawl all over her. Merry Christmas to you, too :)

  2. The one of her crawling over Rox is awesome!! lol.. and the ones after that were beautiful!!!!! Love the beginning ones..they capture the actual process of taking photos of little ones.. GREAT JOB!!!!!!!! And Merry Christmas! xo

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