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I don’t know which is more mind blowing to me, the fact that Margo is 10 months old today or that I’m perfectly on time with this post. I’m taken aback by both at the moment, to be honest.

There really aren’t many major milestones to report on this month. I did take a glance through Mia’s 10 month old post from three years ago and I just love that I have her updates to look back on to compare my girls’ personalities, growth rates, and behavioral patterns. Of course, I don’t think one is better than the other but it’s just neat to see how different they are from each other because I can’t remember shit from Mia’s baby days.

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At this age, Mia had already begun walking a few weeks before turning 10 months. Margo, on the other hand, hasn’t even attempted to take a single step without holding onto something and stepping along side it. Which, let me tell you, I’m completely okay with. Why? Because Mama is enjoying the calm before the storm. I foolishly thought it was the coolest thing when Mia began walking so early. But then I soon realized that I got jipped out of a few months of not having to follow her around, staying feet away from her to keep her out of and away from dangerous scenarios…like our pool in the backyard. Margo, take your time! No rush, girl. Crawling is totally the new walking, anyway. You’re chill, baby.

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10 Months

  • My baby waves “hi” and “bye”! She extends out her arm and opens/closes her little hand. Oh, this is just so stinkin’ cute. She does it when prompted and also on her own, like when she’s across the room from me and catches my glance and wants my attention.
  • She began using a baby walker and cruises well in it. She needs more practice on her footwork, though. Sometimes she steps with the top of her foot (toes curled under) so we make sure she’s wearing shoes while in the walker, which seems to be helping.

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  • She’s climbing onto everything (to the top of a step-ladder, up a step-stool onto Mia’s bed, onto our living room side tables, into bins and baskets, up stairs). This child has no fear, but sure knows how to spark mine.
  • Hallelujah, still sleeping well through the night in her crib.

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  • She still takes two naps a day (around 9am and 2pm). What bums me out is she’s not letting me rock her in my arms to help her relax before laying her down anymore. This was my favorite time of the day, cradling her close to me while singing to her, caressing her hair and kissing her sweet face as she so calmly would just rest in my arms while lovingly gaze back at my face. Over the last week, she’s begun to wiggle and squirm and try to sit up in my arms so I just lay her in the crib rather than rock her. I’ll still sing a song or two and caress her back and hair. She falls asleep on her own without any fuss once I leave the room. That’s great for her, but man oh man, I deeply miss our nap time routine. She’s growing up and needing me just a teensy bit less.
  • Margo had her first beach experience (see all photos here). Yup, it’s February and we spent a weekend at the beach with friends. The weather was beautiful and Margo just loved being outside in the sunshine and with her family.

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  • Her 7th tooth is breaking in on the bottom, which explains the major fussing she did over the span of a few days this month. Goodness, it was intense. I knew something was up when my always happy baby was spending a few full days crying, fussing, following my every move and spending at least half of the day crawling up my legs with her face buried in my knees or plopped at my feet in frustration because I couldn’t immediately pick her up. Nothing I did consoled her, so she remained on my hip or in my arms for as long as I could handle it. I felt pretty bad for the poor kid.
  • She’s wearing 12 month clothing, now. She’s a chunk with more baby to love!

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  • She discovered the musical wonders of the kazoo. She carries one with her around the house quite often and fondly hums to herself in it. Sometimes she even laughs at herself from the sounds that come out of her. Adorable!
  • Margo witnessed her first sunset, as our family gazed off a hillside and said our goodbyes to the sun one evening. It was beautiful.
  • She had her first taste of ice cream. Loved it, of course. I’ve noticed that this time around with Margo, I’m not as hesitant as I was with Mia at this age when it comes to food. I don’t give Margo sweets and treats at all, but if the moment arises where she’s face to face with something new and delicious (like this tasty ice cream cone) I’m all for letting her dig in. Like, a lick or two.

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I’m so in love with Margo, she makes my heart flutter daily. I didn’t realize just how much I missed having a baby in my arms until she came along, and now I don’t want her to grow up or let her go or put her down because it’s very likely that I won’t experience these moments again with another. I soak up and take in every single day with her, every smile she flashes my way, every tiny giggle, the feel of her chubby baby skin, her pure and sweet smell, her simple joy of life. Each month that passes is such a bittersweet milestone for me, but that’s the beauty and pain of motherhood and I move forward with such gratitude and appreciation for the honor to raise my two beauties.

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