Margo Blue // 3 months, we found our groove

*Enter huge sigh of relief, here!*

Margo Blue turned 3 months old today and Mama finally got her groove back! Well, that may be a bit of an exaggeration because things aren’t as smooth as ice over here. Maybe a baby’s bottom, though. Baby’s skin is the best, right? But compared to how the first 2 months went for us, things are great! After going through such chaos and screaming and tears and confusion and stress, I really can’t complain now. You can check out her monthly updates here.


This month, we really found a routine that worked for us. Both Margo and I have become accustomed to one another and to a daily groove. I have my list making to thank for that. Since Margo was born, I’ve kept a daily log of pretty much everything she does: when she eats, how much she eats, when she naps, how long she naps, when she poops and the consistency of each poop. Writing it all down has allowed me to recognize her own natural routine and when to anticipate every activity. This has helped me avoid meltdowns, excessive fussing, becoming overtired, or getting too hungry. This month, we were working like a well oiled machine. Dare I say, she was easy (again, compared to the first 2 months).



Our routine, in a nutshell:

Basically, we’d awake in the morning anywhere between 6-7am, feed and then stay awake for 2 hours from when she woke up. Feedings took up about 30 minutes, and the rest our time to kill was spent doing a combination of the following: changing her diaper, holding her on my lap, talking and making faces/smiling at each other, walking around the house (checking out her reflection in mirrors, the fish tank and the view through windows), reclining in her Rock N’ Play while watching some TV, sitting up in her bouncer, laying flat on her activity mat or giving her a bath if it was the evening. Once 2 hours were spent, she’d start getting a bit fussy and then it was time for a nap. I’d tightly swaddle her (bless you, swaddle blankets!), cradle her in my arms and “Sshhhh” or sing to her, pop a paci in her mouth and her sleepy eyes would roll around almost immediately. On average, she’d be in my arms for about 5 minutes before I’d lay her down. Then she’d be out for anywhere from 1.5 – 2.5 hours for the morning nap. Once awake, we’d repeat the above routine. Her afternoon nap averaged 2-3.5 hours long! She’d awaken, and we’d repeat the routine. Then she’d nap again in the evening but for only 30-45 minutes. The evenings were more difficult because she was fussier and needier then, and poor Dad would get home from work just in time to deal with it because it was then time for me to fix dinner. Hand off!



Night sleep:

The only thing that we haven’t been able to establish a routine with is her night time sleep. She’d go down for the night anywhere between 8-9:30pm and would remain asleep for anywhere between 4-5.5 hours. She’d awaken for one feeding, go back down to sleep easily but then only remain asleep for about 2-3 hours. Because I was never ready to get to bed right when she did (hello, um, dinner clean up, dishes, toy pick-up, other child to put to bed and read to, and some “me” time to unwind) I’d only get 5-6 broken hours of sleep each night. I believe there were only 2 instances of uninterrupted sleep this month, once I got 6 hours and another night I got 7 hours of straight sleep. I miss my sleep, but have really become used to functioning with little of it. Sure, I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed or the brightest crayon in the box these days, but I get by fine enough. If any of you have advice on establishing a better night’s sleep…I’m all ears!!!




The other huge improvement this month was her feedings. She no longer screamed or cried during them! Such a life changer for us all. She still fussed a little, squirmed and needed an occasional break during some of them, but it was so very tolerable. She did spit up a lot, though. For most of the month, she was like a baby fountain. Formula would just pour out of her mouth after every burp and when we moved her too much after eating. I’d go through handfuls of burp cloths each day and would be covered in spit-up formula by the end of the day. What a smell!



Other quick details:

She started taking the pacifier regularly when she became tired and also during car rides. She’s much easier to soothe, now.

She eats 6oz of formula with each feeding, which are 3.5-4hrs apart.

She’s still wearing size 3 month clothes and size 1 diapers.

She stopped crying/screaming in the car, unless it’s feeding time.

She still sees the chiropractor but only once a week. She still sees her physical therapist for her torticollis, twice a week. She hates physical therapy and screams for almost the entire 20-30 minute session. So stressful, I can’t wait for our last one!

She’s “talking” more, making more unique sounds, smiles constantly at everyone, and drools a lot.

I went to the grocery store for the first time with both kids in tow. It was a success! I was nervous the entire time, just waiting for the moment when Margo would lose her shit. But it didn’t happen. She actually fell asleep halfway through. While walking out of that grocery store, I felt on top of the world! I wanted to shout out my triumph over the intercom, I wanted confetti to rain down on me and for the other shoppers nearby to start a gradual round of applause for me. In a perfect world, right?

Margo took her first dip in our swimming pool with Daddy and Uncle Chris. She loved it. Didn’t fuss a bit.

Margo gained more control of her neck. Her head isn’t as wobbly anymore. Guess I have to start calling her “Bobble Head” or “Bobbles”.



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  1. oh goodness. that first picture with the green headband. she is so gorgeous, i can’t even! i love her!! i am so happy to hear that things are looking up. you absolutely deserve it, mama. xoxo

  2. She looks so much like Mia! Glad to hear that things are picking up for you all. :)

  3. Look at those big beautiful blue eyes!!!!!!!! She is so so pretty. I can’t wait to see if her hair gets lighter as she grows!

    • Love them blue eyes! I can already see some lightening of the tips. My guess is it will be similar to Mia’s. We were kinda hoping for dark brown hair with bright blue eyes.

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