Margo Blue // 5 Months: Smiliest baby on the block


Finally, I’m at a place where I want time to slow down. As you know (if you’ve been following the blog or my Instagram), Margo was a pill, a handful, a pain in the butt during her first few months and I wanted nothing more than to “fast forward” months down the road to where she’d be normal! Well I’m thrilled and relieved and thankful to say that we’re there. She’s such a treat! I literally kiss her, squeeze her cheeks, hold her tight, and just love all over her all day long. Dominic and I are constantly saying, “She’s so cute!” throughout each day.


She’s been doing really well independently, lying on her play mat, playing in her activity exersaucer and relaxing in her swing. But, she equally does well in my arms and planted on my hip. She loves her Mama and I really don’t mind hauling her around the house. Her most favorite place to be, however, is anywhere outside. She’s calm, inquisitive, interested, and just happy when she’s in our backyard, front yard, outside of Mia’s school when we drop her off and pick her up and at the park. She watches, intently, as leaves and trees blow in the wind, as birds fly by, as people walk past us and as cars zoom down the street. She loves being in new places, indoors as well. She does great in the grocery store and at restaurants because there’s just so much to see and so many people to smile at.


Speaking of smiles, she’s the smiliest baby I’ve ever seen and she shares her giant smiles with everyone that passes by, even if they aren’t looking at her! People are constantly stopped in their tracks from receiving a giant grin from Margo. She fills my heart with so much joy and love. I’m one proud Mama.


Margo is still gaga for Daddy. She lights up when he walks into the room and she won’t take her eyes off of him. This is very opposite than Mia at this age, who would cry when Daddy would come within inches of her. However, Margo does not like it when Dad puts her down for a nap or for the night. I made a Target run one evening after I had put her down for the night, but she woke up soon after I had left. Dad tried giving her the paci which should have put her back to sleep, but instead she just screamed non-stop. He couldn’t calm her and I ended up getting called to rush home ASAP so I could help. This has happened more than a few times, unfortunately.


Other milestones and happenings worth mentioning:

  • She began rolling over from back to tummy and to her back again. She can roll across the living room floor. I wish she would sleep on her tummy when she ends up there in her crib, but she fusses until I roll her on to her back again.
  • We finally stopped physical therapy. Yaaaaay! Looks like we’re in the clear from wearing the dreaded helmet.
  • Spit-up has decreased a bit but still occurs numerous times, daily. I never hold Margo without a burp cloth on my shoulder.


  • Naps are back! The sleep book that I read helped tremendously! However, her night sleep still needs some work. I’m still on 5-6 hours of broken sleep each night…for 5 months, now. Yikes! It’s really been affecting my ability to just function each day. Oh, and about our nap schedule…I’ll post about that separately later.
  • We managed to get some great laugh sessions out of her. Your own baby’s laughter is the best sound ever. She has kind of a raspy voice, like Mia.
  • She is in love with the goldfish in our giant fish tank. She follows it with her eyes throughout the tank and tries to grab it. She’s always wide-eyed and smiling when I hold her next to the tank.


  • She’s moved into 6 month clothing and size 2 diapers this month. She’s smaller than Mia was at this time, who was already moving into 9 month clothes!
  • She is successfully eating solids. She likes pears, prunes, green beans, carrots and peas. She also eats rice cereal, but I mix prunes in there to sweeten it and to help keep her regular since the soy formula makes her constipated.
  • The last few weeks of this month, her appetite drastically decreased. She went from taking 6 oz bottles every 3 hours to fighting the bottle after only 1-2 ounces in. My guess is that she’s teething, even though no tooth has cut through just yet.


  • My brother and I drove Margo and Mia to Utah to visit our parents. It was Mia’s 3rd road trip there, and Margo’s first road trip anywhere. Overall, she did better than I thought she would. We had to stop twice on the way there (it’s a 6 hour drive) and only once on the way back. She didn’t sleep as long as I had hoped she would. And, I did have to squeeze my big butt in the back seat between both car seats to keep her happy after a couple hours into our trip. It wasn’t comfortable for me the rest of our way, but it was worth it to keep her from crying and/or screaming.

That’s about all of the updates that my sleep-deprived brain can think of. Hope I didn’t leave anything out. As we enter our 6th month, there are only two things that I hope will improve. 1) I hope the spit-up finally stops. It’s super gross, you guys. So stinky. 2) I hope she begins to sleep for longer stretches at night. I’d love it if she goes from 2 bottles in the night to just one. We’re working on it. But overall, Margo is wonderful and beautiful and she’s all ours. Dad, Mia and I are just smitten with her.





  1. Oh my goodness. Just when I thought that I couldn’t fall any deeper in love with her! All of those smiles. She’s just beyond gorgeous. I am so happy that things are better & easier. You deserve every moment, Mama. Sending you both so much love.

    P.S. Did you see my Instagram post on Friday? <3

    • Aw, thanks :) I think there’s a mixture of Margo getting better and me just getting used to our new normal. Both make the days easier, I guess. I’m thrilled to have read that you’re experiencing more “normal” days as well. You of all Mamas deserve that. xoxoxo

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