Margo Blue // 9 months (easiest baby, ever)

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I’m proudly part of the “I have the happiest baby, ever” club. Margo Blue is truly happy, 95% of every day. She easily smiles and laughs and giggles at everyone and everything. This makes taking her anywhere a piece of coconut cream pie. *Drooling*

As I open up my front door to exit the house, she’s on my hip and laughing and kicking her feet in excitement. As I’m putting her in the car, she’s smiling. The car ride is quiet as can be. Upon arrival to our destination, she’s laughing and squealing as I remove her from her car seat. She doesn’t even know where the heck we are yet, and she’s just happy to beĀ somewhere. I need to take a few notes from this kid. She’s got the best attitude towards life. #truestory

Another joy about her is that she loves to snuggle me. She’ll seek me out in the house, crawl over to me and onto my lap to nuzzle her head in my legs or up and into my chest. “Just hold me and love me, Mama” is what she wants to say. I’ve mentioned before at some point that when I ask her for a hug, she’ll rest her head on my shoulder for an average of 3 seconds. She’s completely loving and affectionate (unlike Mia at this age) and I feel extremely lucky and blessed to be her Mama.

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Month 9

  • She had her 9 month check up with the pediatrician. She weighs 20 pounds 4 ounces and measures 28 inches long, putting her in the 85th percentile for weight and 75th percentile for height. Her head is in the 98th percentile! She’s one chunky monkey.
  • On average, Margo woke up in the middle of the night maybe once or twice a week. Most of these times, she’d cry for a few minutes and drift back to sleep on her own. There were maybe a handful of times, total, that I had to intervene and help her back to sleep with a little Mommy and Margo cuddle time. Luckily, this only takes about a total of 5-10 minutes to do. I’m so thankful for sleep. You never know what you had until it’s gone. And when you get it back, you can fully appreciate it.
  • She had her first Christmas. We only got her a few things since at this point, she doesn’t know any better. She did enjoy watching her big sister tear into all of her presents. And loved even more that our living room floor was covered in tissue paper and wrapping paper. Paper is her most favorite item to put into her mouth, so keeping her from it was an interesting task through all of the gifting fun.

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  • We took our first trip to Disneyland as a family of 4. Margo was a rockstar and chilled in my Ergo carrier for most of the day. She stretched out a little in the stroller and at one of the playgrounds in Mickey’s Toontown. This baby didn’t fuss once all day and took little cat naps in the carrier when she needed them. How in the world did she end up being the easiest baby, ever?!
  • She started making smacking or clicking sounds with her mouth whenever she was hungry or saw someone else eating and wanted some, too. It’s pretty cool seeing her figure out new ways to communicate with me.

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  • Her top front, right tooth is cutting through. The left isn’t far behind.
  • She tarted clapping on her own and when she’d see others do it. We’ve got our very own little cheerleader.

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  • We took our first hike as a family of 4…and with all 3 dogs. Margo loves being outdoors…no matter where that is. I carried her in the Ergo and she quietly observed her surroundings and soaked in the sunshine. This will always be a memorable hike for Dominic and I, as it was our last with our oldest dog, Roxi, before she passed only a few weeks later. I’ll be posting a tribute of sorts to her sometime soon.
  • Margo discovered our pots and pans in one of our kitchen cupboards. Now, it’s her favorite play spot in the house. She pulls them all out and puts the plastic measuring bowl on her head. She also crawls inside the cupboards after emptying them all out. Something she picked up on after seeing Mia do it.

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  • She’s successfully tried more “table food” (than the avocado and pasta we introduced last month) like rice, macaroni, very small amounts of shredded cheese, soft and tender pieces of chicken, steamed broccoli bites, soft bread, tiny bites of Mia’s oatmeal breakfasts, and small apple bites. She loves food.
  • She’s still mostly wearing size 9 clothing, but a few pieces have been getting a little tight. Size 12 month onesie pajamas fit much more comfortably. She’s still in size 4 diapers.

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  • Her favorite cartoon is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She’s not much of a TV watcher, though. She only really pays attention while she’s feeding herself her bottle in her reclined chair in the living room. She’d much rather be exploring and playing with their kitchen in the living room. Did I mention that the living room looks like a full-blown daycare? Because it does.
  • Margo has discovered the treasures that both the dishwasher and refrigerator hold. When she hears either appliance open up, her little hands and legs are put into full speed, crawling as fast as she can at the chance to crawl into them.

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