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When I was pregnant, it was almost impossible to find some decent clothing that wasn’t made out of spandex-type material, hugging my disappearing rear end and every new fat dimple or fatty lump I had acquired. And I couldn’t believe how UNattractive all the maternity sections at the stores were, filled with ugly prints, colors and fabrics.  I wore a lot of hand-me-downs from friends and luckily I was able to pull off a lot of the dresses and shirts that I wore when I wasn’t pregnant.  I made it work.

Of course, months later and after  I’ve had my baby…I’ve come across a great little company called SweetPea Maternity, with many styles that I would have totally rocked! Rats!!! Take a look…

sweet pea maternity6

 sweet pea maternity1

 sweet pea maternity2

 sweet pea maternity3

 sweet pea maternity4

 sweet pea maternity5

sweet pea maternity7

Is it really crazy that I want to buy these NOW…and hold onto them for the next time around?  Probably.  Don’t worry, husband…I’m not going to.  But I want to. But I won’t. I’m definitely going to “bookmark” them and re-visit them in the future.

I found this company HERE through Zulily, but their sale ends Tuesday 8/28 at 6am pdt. I know, I’m instigating some impulse buying, here.  SweetPea’s entire maternity collection at their website is actually on sale right now, too.  Their pieces are all 20% off right now for a limited time.  I have no clue for how long, but take advantage of it, quick.  I hope this helps any of you baby bearing babes out there!

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