Merry Christmas 2013

I hope all who are reading this had a lovely Christmas, or at least as lovely as it could have been for you. Mine? Flew by in the wink of an eye. Truly, it feels that way. Working at a school gives me two weeks off and as I’m typing this, it’s already half way over. I remember back in the day when I had vacation periods how fun filled and carefree they were. I could do whatever and go wherever I wanted or just do nothing at all. The choices were mine and mine alone. Not the case anymore. I have a toddler to watch and a house to upkeep. My vacations will never look the same again and that’s my new reality. It’s fine, but I’m still getting used to it.

In regards to this holiday, I felt so rushed to get everything ready. We had house guests (Doms’ mom and uncle) coming in from out of town to stay with us for 5 days and they arrived the day after I was off from work. Of course, I had tried to clean the house each day leading up to their arrival but as most of you know, that’s a really tough job when you have an almost 2 year old roaming around. I only had until noon to get anything done, too, because I’d have to get ready for work. I had about a day and a half (after my last work day) to get everything clean (floors, carpets, couches, sheets, bathrooms, showers, bedrooms, kitchen, stove, dusting, etc.) before they arrived. I was already pooped at this point but my work wasn’t even close to being over. A mother’s/woman’s job never is, right? Anyways, I still had to shop for all of our Christmas gifts. Shopping with my kid is a nightmare so I saved this task for a day where I’d be kid and work free..the Sunday before Christmas. I hit up 12 different stores that morning/afternoon and let me tell you, I wasn’t the only one with the same idea. I’m not doing that to myself again next year, that’s for sure. After this was done, I spent a few late nights wrapping up the gifts. The following day was spent baking at my mom’s house. This has been a Christmas tradition of ours for a few years, baking cookies and brownies and delivering them to a few friends. We ended up being so busy that after all that work and a few dozen cookies later, we didn’t have the time to deliver. What a waste! That’s another thing we won’t be doing again next year. The next morning I spent cleaning again, grocery shopping and getting ready for Christmas eve dinner and our 5 other guests that would be joining us. I rushed through my afternoon cooking 2 different dishes (stuffing and scalloped potatoes) which I had never made before. Family came, ate, opened gifts and left late. The night was a success but my job was still not over. I hardly picked up the house that night and went to bed, I was exhausted. I woke up at 6am on Christmas morning to finish wrapping presents and to shower and put my face on before heading to my parents house for their traditional Christmas breakfast, homemade eggs Benedict. So good! We ate, opened more gifts and went home where some passed out, one read and I began putting my house back in order before I ended up crashing on the couch, too. A few hours later, it was back to my parents house for an amazing Christmas dinner. The next day, our house guests left to the airport in the morning and I’ve been cleaning the house ever since to try to get things back in order before I begin work again (washing sheets, cleaning dishes, taking down the tree and all decorations, loads of laundry, cleaning floors, etc). I did allow myself one morning to do absolutely nothing, but I can’t fully relax while the house is a wreck around me. I’m sure a lot of you know that feeling (I hope it’s not just me). Now I’m sitting here with only 5 1/2 days left of my time off from work, bummed that the other half was still spent “working”…and mostly by myself (which sparked a number of arguments between the husband and I). I had a lot on my plate and to be honest, I don’t like that. I was stressed, sleep deprived, cranky, too busy and didn’t have time to sit back and enjoy myself. My mind was always racing, thinking about what I had to do next and was constantly running through my mental checklist of things to do and get done.

I’m reflecting on my holiday as a whole, and there’s a lot that I’ll be doing differently next year. I never want to have this stressful of a Christmas again. Writing this down will hopefully hold me accountable for that promise to myself. I’m the type of person that will forget all the chaos and the tense feelings over time, and will fall into the same traps and stress again next year. I’ll take on too much again, to make everyone else happy and to accommodate every one else’ needs and wants. There was so much I wanted to do this Christmas that I just didn’t have the time to get around to because I put my needs and wants at the bottom of the list. I realize I did this to myself and I was left robbed of  new experiences and memorable moments with my daughter (I was too busy cleaning and prepping , how could I have spent time with her?!). I’m grateful for what I have and to even have time off from work at all (most do not). But, working at a school has its perks and time off over holidays is one of them. I’ve been looking forward to this particular break for a while now and it’s just not what I had hoped it would be. Did anyone else have a similar holiday? Or have you experienced these feelings at past holidays? I’d love to hear about it and I welcome any advice on how you manage it all.

The good news is that there’s still time to salvage some of it (we already went on a family hike). At some point in the remainder of my break, we’ll be heading to the zoo, making a few appearances at some New Year’s parties, we’ve got a play date with Grandma (my mom) and hopefully we’ll squeeze in more activities.

One of the things I wanted to do before Christmas was to get some photos of Mia with Santa (like, at the mall or something) so that maybe I’d get that classic screaming-kid-on-Santa’s-lap photo. Didn’t have time. But, I did get photos with Grandpa another Santa again this year. I hope to do this each year, it’s so fun to see how Mia’s grown from year to year.

gpa Collage2

gpa Collage3


gpa Collage1Mia lasted about 30 seconds on Grandpa’s lap and even less time when Grandma jumped in. She’s such a squirmy worm!   gpa Collage4 gpa Collage5

Daddy’s helping her feed Cookie Monster some cookies. Great present, Grandma!gpa10



  1. Merry Christmas – those photos of your little girl are gorgeous!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  2. Merry Christmas, Misty! My Christmas wasn’t like this, but a lot of 2013 was. In fact, I just wrote a whole post about it. My greatest intention for 2013 is to stop taking care of everyone and everything around me (especially those things/people that don’t deserve it) and start taking care of myself. In the end, it will make me better — both for myself and for my loved ones. <3 Happy 2014! xoxo

    • Amen to that, sister. Thanks for the comment. I’m about to head on over to your page to check out your New Year post :) Happy 2014 to you as well. Looking forward to watching that handsome fella of yours blossom even further.

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