Mia at Two and a Quarter

The draft for this post has been sitting in my blog’s dashboard for 3 months now. Each month that passes, I’ve been changing the title to “Mia at Two and a Month”…then “Mia at Two and a Sixth” and now we’re at “Mia at Two and a Quarter.” For those of you who are mathematically challenged that equals to two and three months old. What can I say, I’m a lagger. Great timing has never been my thing.

I never wrote an account of Mia’s latest milestones, personality quirks and interests when she turned the big TWO. Better late than never. I’ll do my best to keep this short and sweet since the people who mostly care about this kind of crap are friends and family. If you’re neither, yet you continue to read on… well then you just scored highly in the cool-o-meter. Virtual high-five.

All of the following pictures, btw, are from our trip (just Mama & Mia) to the LA Zoo on Tuesday. Stickiest zoo day ever. Lucky for my husband that he wasn’t with us because he would have had an earful of complaints of just how sticky and sweaty and hot I was. Yuck. It’s been in the 90s here, mixed with muggy humidity. I don’t know how you Florida folks deal with this. More importantly, I don’t know why you deal with this. Just miserable.



Mia is a mix between a walking, broken record and a talking parrot. She either repeats the same word or sentence until someone acknowledges that she’s trying to communicate something or she repeats every and anything she hears. You know that time when, as a parent, you’re supposed to clean up your mouth for the sake of your kids? Well I’ll be honest, I think our time for that has come yet I still say “shit” and “dammit” pretty often. When I’m driving, the words “son of a bitch” occasionally slide out from under my breath. Hey, I drive the streets and freeways of the Los Angeles area. You try keeping a clean mouth on the road, it’s nearly impossible. I know I keep it pretty clean here on the blog, but don’t kid yourself. I admit it, I cuss more than I should.

I’m not going to list a bunch of words that Mia can say because there’s a whole lot. She still gibber jabbers and is hard to understand if you’re not around her enough to have learned her language. I’d say I’m nearly fluent in it, understanding her about 80% of the time. I can’t tell you how awesome it is to be able to understand what she wants and to be able to ask her simple questions and get actual answers.

A few of her cutest phrases are: “Oh, I saw-dee (sorry)” when she bumps into anything // “Awww, poor baby” when Mommy or Daddy has an owie // She “crows” like a peacock when she wakes up in her crib in the morning and/or from her nap and waits for me to send a call right back // “Mommy…Elsa Anna!” when she sees my hair in a side braid // “Aw, I wuv you” with a hug and kiss, many times daily // “Pretty nails!” when she shows off her manicure or when she wants a manicure // just yesterday, she was watching Peppa Pig and comes running into the kitchen saying “Mia eye test! Mia glasses (while squinting her eyes). Op-ti-ssan (Optician), Mommy! Let’s go. C’mon!” // We’ve hit the “MINE!” phase recently, which she states even when the item is NOT hers and may be that of a stranger’s at the grocery store. It’s hers, period. // If I got a quarter for every time Mia said “Hold you!” (when she wants me to pick her up) I’d literally be a millionaire // She “hushes” Mommy and Daddy if we’re talking too much, says “Hey! Hey guys!” to get our attention and says “No way!” when she’s in disagreement with us // Lately, when I tell her she’s funny she responds with “No, YOU sunny (funny)” // Whenever we’re going somewhere (the store, bank, park, anywhere) she’ll say “I wanna go, too!” as I’m literally putting her into her car seat. Yeah, Mia…you’re going, too.


Sights & Sounds

This kid gets downright giddy whenever she sees a school bus, an airplane, a trash truck (“twash twuck”), a fire truck or the mail man (“mail box”). When we’re in the car she usually points in the direction of said vehicles and tells me to “catch it!” meaning, follow it. I don’t (in case you were wondering). She mimics the sound of a peacock (google it if you don’t know what they sound like. she’s spot on) a handful of times throughout the week. She also mimics our rooster on the daily. Her most favorite sound is music. She demands that I “turn up, Mommy!” when we’re in the car and she wants her little CD player/radio turned on in her room and anytime one of her favorite movies or shows breaks out into song, she’s just gotta dance!

She actually has favorite songs. There are the kid friendly songs that I sing to her each night before she goes to bed that she requests without fail: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, The ABC song, Itsy Bitsy Spider, I’m a Little Teacup and You Are My Sunshine. She sings along with me, too. Oh, she also loves all the songs from the movie Frozen (of course). Then…there are the adult friendly songs which she loves the most: Applause by Lady Gaga (“Gaga!”), Fancy by Iggy (“Piggy!”) Azalea, Chandelier by Sia, Happy by Pharrell Williams, Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars and Hideaway by Kiesza.

She’s seriously fascinated with these music videos: HERE and HERE (and I admit, so am I). Who knows, maybe Mia will be a dancer one day. The little girl in the first video is only eleven, after all. I could totally be a dance mom.



Mia can count to 10 // She gets maybe a third of the letters right when seeing the ABC song along with me // She can hold a pencil correctly when drawing but still has to be reminded to do so most times // She can draw a circle extremely well (on purpose) // Her memory astounds me when she randomly recalls events from the day before…the week before..a few weeks before! // She knows her colors // Whenever she spots something that she doesn’t know the name of or even what it is…she’ll point and say “that!” as if to ask “what’s that?” // She notices when things are in pairs and says, “Look! Two chairs!” or “Two cups” etc. But where there’s more than 2 or 3 she’ll say “Too many chairs!”


Silly Quirks

She asks to see her poop after a dirty diaper change, every time (I humored her for maybe 2 days before quitting that nonsense) // She loves carrying around purses or small bags filled with random toys or papers // When I put a dress on her, she looks in the mirror and says “princess!” // She randomly will claim that she smells popcorn when we’re out and about by scrunching her nose, sniffing a few times and saying “*gasp* Mommy! Popcorn!” // She calls chapstick “lipstick” and would repeatedly reapply the stuff on her lips for hours if I let her // Before attempting to pee in her little potty, she’ll pinch the pouch of skin above her you-know-what and pretend to pee like Daddy // She builds mini buildings with her Legos and brings it to me or Daddy and says “Happy Day!” meaning Happy Birthday and then starts to sing the birthday song. For whatever reason, when it’s time to say someone’s name in the song she always says “Nichole” (one of her many aunties aka Mommy’s friend) // When she reads her books, she’ll lick her finger like Mommy does when turning the pages // She grabs me (and Daddy) by the cheeks, pushes our heads up (facing the ceiling) so she can inspect our noses for boogers // She recently learned the name of Daddy’s business. She says it pretty often now, “So-Cal Ponds!” // She loves to stack our giant sofa pillows on the floor next to the couch so she can dive off of the couch into them // If she’s got a beverage, and you’ve got a beverage, you can bet your socks she’ll come in for a “Cheers” (and clink your cups together) // She gets a kick out of kissing Mommy and/or Daddy’s boo boos // Mia asks for a band-aid for just about any little mark on her body. When I give in and say, “Okay, I’ll get you a band-aid” and then proceed to get  up for one, she immediately whines “No, Mommy! No Band Aid!” // She loves to hide from me in her closet. When I enter her room to pretend like I’m looking for her I’ll say, “Is Mia in here??” which gets an immediate giggle out of her and a quiet little “No”



Music! (already mentioned) // Dancing! (already mentioned) // coloring with crayons in her coloring books // using dry-erase pens to draw on her dry-erase board // Watching her mini videos of herself on my Instagram feed (all the time and yes, she knows how to browse through them and pretty much work my phone!) // Bath time. LOVES bath time. // Swimming in the pool with her little Dora inner tube // Playing at the park // The zoo (Gorillas are her favorite) // Going to the movies (she’s seen Planes and Rio 2) // Feeding the dogs treats // Feeding her goldfish, Bubbles // Reading books // Building with her foam blocks and her Legos // Flashlights // Water play // Cleaning (wiping everything down with a rag) // Tossing dirty clothes into the washing machine // pushing anything with wheels (toy shopping cart and stroller) // She’s still madly in love with her bunny, who she carries around with her for about half or more of her days // Wearing her “Sip Sops” (flip flops) everywhere



Mia successfully attended her first form of school (summer preschool) for 7 weeks! She loved it by the last few weeks. // She’s officially off of the pacifier (has been for about 2-3 weeks, now // She’s dabbling in potty training. It’s Mommy and Daddy’s fault that she’s not yet, we haven’t focused a full day or two to the process but hope to soon // She’s officially out of her high-chair and has been for some time now. She sits at the table like a big girl and eats dinner with us each night



She hates the swings at the park. Won’t touch them. // Trying on clothes. “No, Mommy! Too small! Too big! Take off!” // Getting her toenails clipped. She has a mini panic attack, freaks out and covers her mouth with her hand and pretends to cry and shake // Sitting in the shopping cart at any store. I can get her to start off in there but this lasts for maybe 10 minutes if I’m lucky. //


She eats a variety of foods. If she doesn’t like, she spits it right out. She’s finally eating more meat (mostly sandwich meat and grilled chicken). One of my biggest annoyances with her is how she eats. She’s so slow! She does this thing where she stores her food in the left side of her cheek and just sits there. I can’t give her the next bite because if I do, she’ll just spit it all out…”too much” she says. “Baby bites.” I constantly have to poke at her cheek and say  “Chew chew!”  Foods that she’ll randomly make requests for the most are: popcorn, french fries, ice cream, chocolate milk, bread, banana, Jamba Juice (fruit smoothie store) and pancakes. When I tell her we don’t have any more (lies) she says “Store, Mommy”. But of course, little one.


Mia still takes a daily nap which usually ranges from 2 1/2 to 3 hours. She sleeps though the entire night most nights. I’d say maybe once or twice a week she’ll wake up crying but usually falls back asleep after a few minutes. //She’s wearing size 2T clothing, size 6 shoe and size 4 diapers. She’s about 34 inches tall and around 26 lbs. According to the doc, she’s average for both height and weight but still has a large noggin ranging in the 90th percentile for her age. Is her body never going to catch up with that thing? // Sadly for Daddy, Mia is still a Mama’s girl. She loves her Daddy and talks about him throughout the day while he’s at work but when he’s actually here, she’d rather I be holding her, or be sitting in my lap or have me feed her, brush her teeth and give her a bath. If she does let Daddy give her some love and snuggles, it lasts for under a minute before she’s trying to break free from him. Of course, there are moments where she’ll lay on the couch with him at the end of the day while watching TV but those moments aren’t often (which is why they’re so special to him). We keep hoping this is a phase but she’s pretty much been this way since birth.

I think that sums life up for our little two year old kid. I’m sure I’m leaving things out but in a nutshell…this is her. The saying, “The days are long and the years are short” comes to mind when I think of the past 2 years with Mia. Some days, I’m counting down the minutes until Daddy gets home so that I may have a few minutes to myself. But with every new month I’m so shocked over where the heck the last one went. At the end of the year? I’m beside myself. My feelings on the matter can be best described through this YouTube video that’s gone viral. My sentiments exactly, little girl.

Hey remember that time at the beginning of this post when I said I’d do my best to keep this short and sweet??? Ha! Suckers.

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  2. Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Eva does the chipmunk food-storage thing too. Grosses me out!!

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