I just came across this super cute, clever and easy little DIY project!  I showed it to my husband and said, “Aw, I wish we had a boy so I could make this for him.”  Dominic says, “Um, why can’t you make it for Mia?”  Duh!  Mia can totally rock a purple or pink dinosaur hoodie!  Dominic would like to add…or green, or orange, or blue, or red… :)

Photo via Ginger & George. Click image for the link

I originally found this idea from an inspiring little blog, probably actually.  The creator of that blog found the idea from Ginger & George.  Click HERE to find more photos of her “Dino boys” and  very clear and simple step-by-step instructions on how to sew your own dino-hoodie.

I like the last part of the post where you create your own “dinosaur name.”  I’ve actually referred to Mia as a Pterodactyl because of the high pitched screams and shrieks that have come out of her.  “Mia-dactyl” is very fitting.

Now I’ve got to find a simple infant hoodie for Mia so I can make her one.  When she outgrows it, then we’ll change up the colors and make another one,  a size bigger :)

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