Mia Massage

A day in the life of baby Mia:

My students just love to give Mia massages.  Here they are, giving her a good rub down…followed by lots of kisses.  One particular girl rubs my belly everyday, for a good and solid 5 minutes.  She’ll also talk to her and put her ear against my belly to see if she can hear Mia.  I told her that she’s Mia’s best friend :)

Speaking of massages, have any of you mommies ever had a prenatal massage?  What did you think about it?  Are they recommended?  I have a Spa Finder gift certificate that I got as a Christmas gift about 2 years ago.  Why haven’t I used it by now?  No clue.  I’m debating whether or not to use it now, or wait until after the baby comes and use it when I’m feeling oh so tired and beat.  Any info or advice would be great.

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  1. I got a prenatal massage with the special table for belly – it was the first time I was on my stomach in months & that alone felt AMAZING! Agreed – the pressure they apply is sort of wimpy & they won't apply much more pressure when asked. But the hour of quite time, with hot towels & massage oil was awesome, wish I had done a few more when I was prego. The bed for your belly is a MUST though, only way to truly be comfy. Put Dom to work though, feet, neck & shoulders will make you feel great :)

  2. Thanks for all the advice. I think I'll just stick with my students' massages for now. I'll treat myself to a pro once I'm able to leave Mia by herself…worry free (if there's such a thing as that). Maybe Dominic can take a crash course in prenatal massages 101 to get me through until then :)

  3. As a massage therapist and a mommy.. wait until after.. Dom is a good daddy and will give you a couple of much needed rest hours. :) From the massage therapist point of view there are always the pros: circulation, relaxation, relief from the pressure of carrying your little bundle of joy.. but the cons: not a lot of pressure, usually pretty hard to find a pregnancy table at a spa so you are stuck side lying and cannot fully relax, most massage therapists in spas are not certified in pregnancy massage, they are just told to rub lightly or work around it.. which is scary because there are pressure points that should not be touched on a pregnant woman until labor (achilles tendon;take note Dom)and then there is the mother point of view.. you are exhausted those first couple of months and deserve it! (Although your worrying thoughts of leaving the baby will occupy your mind the whole time) :) Whatever you decide.. enjoy!

  4. To be honest I don't think you'll be getting out to get a massage for a whiiiiiile after Mia comes. Even if you're beat and feel like you need it the first few months are stressfull when you're away from the little one. I would get anxiety leaving for 45 minutes to get my nails done. I got a regular massage while preggo, just didn't lie on belly/back. It was ok. Check it out though, some places have preggo massages with beds that haves holes for your face and belly. That would be grand.

    p.s. did all those children touching you wash their hands? do you have any idea what going around right now?!?!?! :) love ya!

  5. I got a preggo massage at about 35 weeks at Massage Envy in Glendale. It felt good but it definitely wasn't worth $90 and not being able to lay on my stomach totally took away from it. She wasn't able to get the spots on my back that I needed her to. I had a gift certificate that would cover 2 massages but never went back for the second one. I figured I'd wait till after baby when I really need a break.

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