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Mia, my first born, is already getting less face time here on the blog since the birth of her sister, Margo. It’s been over four months since Margo was born and I feel like I hardly mention Mia anymore, on the blog and in my social media. The baby has taken center stage and Mia is like a back-up dancer. That makes me sad. We don’t mean to stick her in the background, though. I think it’s just a natural occurrence when a new baby is in the picture. Especially a baby who’s been “high needs” and “colicky” and in need of physical therapy appointments and chiropractic sessions.

But, despite all of this, Mia has been a pretty good sport. She’s experiencing some major changes in her life but is taking it all with stride. I’m actually pretty pleased and impressed with just how great of a big sister she’s been so far. She has her moments when she wants to be held, she wants to be fed, she wants my attention, and so forth. I’m pretty sure I’ve had all of those exact moments, too. I do my best to make her feel special and important. The day she turned three, and soon after that, we witnessed some serious tantrums and sass and attitude. I thought we were in for it for sure. I thought the “threeteens” were here to stay for a while. But, it only took her about a month or two to adapt to our new life and she’s mellowed out quite a bit. She’s a pretty big receiver of high-fives, knuckles, hugs, kisses and lots of praise.

Don’t mind me as I update this space with all of the latest happenings in the life of Mia Rose over the last 4 months. Helloooooo photo dump!


Here are some things that have changed since the last update (4 months ago) and a few new developments/updates:

  • She can pronounce the letter “F” now. She can say “fish” rather than “shish”!
  • She now remembers the number “4” when counting. I think she can count up to 14 or 15? Skips a few and hits 20. We’re working on it.
  • She’s fully potty trained. In my last update, we were still putting night time diapers on her. We are diaper-free, now, day and night. What a game changer this has been.
  • Her obsession with books and reading hasn’t dwindled one bit. In fact, it’s stronger than ever. She now insists on reading the book back to me once I’m done reading to her. Her content accuracy is impressive.


  • She’s heading into her second year at her preschool, now in the three year old class. And, she’ll be attending everyday (for only 3 hours each morning) rather than only three days a week. I don’t know who’s more excited about this, her or me!
  • Thanks to watching Peppa Pig, Mia is obsessed with “muddy puddles.” Poor girl is living in the wrong state because we’re in a serious “water shortage” in these southern California parts. NO RAIN. But when it does rain, you’d think M&Ms were falling from thy sky seeing how excited she gets. She doesn’t stop asking if she can “jump in muddy puddles” until we let her.



  • I printed out a drawing of a jar that has 35 dots inside. I put it on the fridge with a magnet, along with a strip of star stickers alongside it. Every time Mia does a good deed or is a good helper or tries something new, I let her put a “star in the jar” (covers one of the dots with a sticker). It has done some good to encourage her to behave. But, I think it’s been more effective in preventing her from getting into trouble by threatening to take a star out of the jar. She hates that! Not the stars! She shapes up real fast after that threat is mentioned. Once the jar is filled, we’ll celebrate with a treat of some kind. Haven’t thought that far ahead, yet.
  • Even though we’ve only been a few times, she loves the beach.



  • She had her first haircut at a cute little children’s salon where they can sit in fun shaped seats (police car, firetruck, etc.). She was the perfect customer (sat still) and already needs another one.
  • She rocked her first Trike-a-Thon at the end of preschool. It was maybe my proudest moment as her mom, watching her ride through 90-something laps! I was on the verge of tears while videotaping the whole thing.


  • Mia went on her first trip without Mom and/or Dad. She took a road trip with my mom to her new home in Utah and stayed with her and Grandpa for a week! She loved it and did really well without us. My parents also kept her days filled with fun: museum visit, splash pad/”lazy river”, bike rides, small hikes.







  • She’s discovered the music of Michael Jackson and is now a fan. She especially loves his music video for “Thriller.” We watch it on my phone and she has me cover the “scary parts” with my hand, even though she still peeks under it so she doesn’t miss a thing.
  • She’s loved playing in our pool this summer, but puts up some serious resistance when Dad tries to teach her to swim. She freaks out and yells, “Daddy, No! No!” and “Hold me, Daddy! HOLD ME!!!” any time she’s not in her little life vest.
  • She’s rocking her new role as “big sister.” She shouts “joolry” whenever she spots drool coming out of Margo’s mouth and will wipe it up herself with a burp cloth. She’s also on “spit up!” patrol. Most afternoons when Margo wakes up from her nap, Mia climbs into her crib to lay beside her and to wind up her musical mobile. Mia has to inspect every single poopy diaper. And Mia reads books to Margo, often.
  • She had her first run-in with the ice cream man. It was with one of the carts, not the truck. She bought an ice cream bar alongside her cousin while at the park for Dad’s annual family picnic.
  • She took her first “Mommy & Mia” trip without Dad and Margo, but only for a weekend. We went to a friend’s cabin in Big Bear and spent some time by the lake feeding ducks.



  • She asks for everything she sees in commercials. She’s mostly interested in the toys, but she also asks if we can buy the baby that is shown in diaper commercials.
  • Speaking of babies, she’s already pressuring us to have another! She likes babies, she says.


  • She still takes her afternoon nap about 5-6 days out of the week. And I’ve managed to get both her and Margo to nap at the same time!!! Hallelujah! I’m a friggin’ nap time wizard! The days she doesn’t, she still chills on her bed for “quiet time” with 5 books to read. If she hasn’t fallen asleep after one hour, I let her out.
  • She takes forever to eat most of her meals. We’re really trying to not feed her ourselves (which makes the process so much faster and easier). We’re constantly saying, “Eat your food. Eat your food! EAT…YOUR…FOOOOOOOD!” To which she usually responds, “I’ve got food in my mouth!”

I think I’ve covered most of her latest updates. The ones worth mentioning, at least. Our love for this kid is endless and we consider ourselves lucky as hell to get to be her parents.

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  1. HAHAHAHA she asks for you guys to buy the baby in the diaper commercial. These photos are all beautiful, she looks so grown up. How wonderful that she’s being such a great big sister, even after losing having the entire spotlight. Having a sibling as they grow up absolutely will make up for that!

  2. oh.my.goodness! some of these photographs just made me gasp because they are so beautiful. like no joke, magazine quality beautiful. mia of course but also the light & composition. i loved this post for a bunch of reasons. it’s so good to hear about your oldest. we’re in the same boat where baby has been getting all of the attention. we are so lucky to be mamas to such amazing, incredible older siblings. aren’t we?

    this post made me feel all the feels. love, love, love. <3 <3 <3

    • Thank you! I’ve definitely been picking up my camera a lot more recently…practicing whenever I can. Still trying to find my “style”. Anyways, yes we’re so lucky! I just feel a lot of guilt for not giving as much attention as I used to. I just hope that as these babies grow and gain a bit more independence, we’ll be able to give more of ourselves (geez…it’s always give, give, give, right?!) to the first born. I’m sure that will be the case :)

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