Mia’s 3rd Birthday Party (Transportation Theme)

transportation party CollageMy first born, Mia, just turned 3 years old at the end of April. I blogged all about her amazingness over HERE, where you can also read about how we celebrated the actual day she turned 3. This post is all about the party, which we held a few weeks later at our house. Unfortunately, I had to postpone it because her baby sister, Margo, decided to show up past her due date, only 9 days before party day. As much as I wanted to bust out my Super-Mom cape and pull it off anyways, I knew I’d be biting off way more than I could chew. I made the right choice to postpone.

Mia’s birthday party was a “transportation theme” and included items/decor relating to airplanes, cars, trains and trucks. These are all of my daughter’s favorite things. No typical girly things for this kid. The toys she plays with most at home are her monster trucks, race cars, tractors, dump truck, fire truck, motorcycle, airplanes and trains. One of her favorite places to visit is the materials yard with her Dad when he has to fill up the back of his truck with dirt and mulch for a pond job. She loves watching the big tractors at work. This theme was more than fitting for her personality.

Anyways, I had bigger plans to include tractors and buses (more of her favorite vehicles) and to create more games for the kids but being very pregnant leading up to party day only gave me the energy and capability to do so much. You can see where I got all of my inspiration from in my Pinterest board, here. I did what I could and kept things simple. What was most important to me was that my “Mia Bug” would have fun, and she surely did.

Mia's invitationAbove is the invitation that I created and mailed out. I hand drew the images, put them into Photoshop and created the rest from there. I had them printed through Vistaprint, a company I’ve used in the past for other work. The back of the invite displayed a few of the scattered clouds that you see on the front.

party Collage3I used some foil trays as train cars and glued black circles cut from construction paper to the front to resemble wheels. I filled them with veggies (produce cars) and pretzels (the lumber car). You have to serve some kind of healthy food at every kid party. I also served fruit (which I failed to photograph) and arranged them like a traffic light: strawberries (red), bananas (yellow), grapes (green).

party Collage4One of Mia’s most favorite treats are doughnut holes. I displayed them as “boulders” being dumped out of her toy dump truck. Keeping with the transportation theme, I served chocolate doughnut “spare tires” and “traffic light” brownies with M&Ms (Mia’s favorite candy).

party Collage1I made the traffic signs you see behind the table out of construction paper and poster board. They were very simple to make. I also made a speed limit sign (not shown) that read “Speed Limit 3”, since Mia was turning 3 (duh). I rented a kid table and kid chairs and the place settings (pictured above) included train conductor hats and train whistles which they played with at the party and were allowed to take home.

party Collage2There’s the birthday girl on the left, dressed in her train conductor overalls. I meant to tie a red bandana around her neck but totally forgot. Fail. We rented a Cars themed bounce house, which the kids loved (always do…who doesn’t?!). I also had my brother use black duct tape to create a “road” around the pool for the kids to ride their bike on or their box cars that I made for them (to take home, as well).

DSC_3140Kaylee above (Mia’s best friend) is fashioning one of the box cars I made for them. They were cute and fun but their durability wasn’t the greatest. I had duct taped AND staple gunned the straps to the box, but in action, the straps popped off on a few of them! I was so bummed about this because these cars took me so long to put together. They didn’t cost me much to make (thank goodness) because I already had the materials laying around (except for the ribbon and some extra duct tape).

DSC_3139But as you can see above, they served their purpose. The kids got the bright idea to play “red light, green light” and looked as though they really liked their box cars.

DSC_3123I love to bake and usually make Mia’s cake myself. But, being strapped for time (I had a newborn, folks) we decided to buy one at the grocery store. Mia loves anything with sprinkles so this cake was perfect for her and it was surprisingly really good.



DSC_3135Mia’s gal pal above, Maddy, is so sweet to her. She acts more like her big sis when she’s around and always wants to be of assistance. After Mia blew out her candle and cake was sliced and served, Maddy proceeded to cut Mia’s piece into bite sizes for her to eat. So sweet :)

DSC_3141Without her nap (and after crying a bunch from falling out of the bounce house and hitting her head on the ground…yikes!), Mia was pooped near the end. She fell asleep in my arms which is something that rarely happens around here, if ever. I love being the pair of arms that she will always find comfort in. I loved every minute of it.

This was probably Mia’s last solo birthday for a while. Since hers and Margo’s birthdays are both at the end of April, you can bet I’ll be combining their big day into the same party for as long as I can get away with it. Gotta save a dollar when you can, right?!

You can see Mia’s past birthday parties here: 1st Birthday Party (You Are My Sunshine)1st Birthday Smash Cake Photo SessionYou Are My Sunshine Birthday Invitations (handmade)   ///  2nd Birthday Party (Somewhere Over The Rainbow)



Bounce House (3rd year in a row with this company, no problems)

Child train conductor hats (slightly large for a 3yr old’s head)

Train whistles (great price but not the best quality)

Checkered Table Cloth (plastic)

Transportation Birthday Plates

Plastic Cups (Red, Yellow, Green)

Paper Plates: 99 cent store…best deal!

Railroad sign cupcake picks (cupcakes not pictured)



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  1. I love the theme, very creative. Love the street lights.

  2. Ahhh, this is so perfect, Misty! You are amazing. It looks like so much fun for those kiddos. I love the box cars idea. It’s just adorable that Mia is so into cars & trucks. She and Roman would have a field day together!! Maybe one day. ;)

    • Yes! One day! I know they’d be buds for sure. And my husband LOVES how much she’s into cars, trucks, trains, etc. And looking back, I don’t think he even over-encouraged this interest. All her own. She has zero interest in the girly stuff at the toy store…pretty funny.

  3. I liked theme even fun for grown ups

  4. What a perfect-looking party. This is so original. I bet everyone had a blast!

  5. Ahh! What a fun theme! We’ve got a 5 year old boy who would absolutely love this theme. The food ideas are great. Thank you for the resources too!


  6. I am dying!!! This is SO cute!!!! What a fun idea!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Aw, thanks Alexandra! I was pretty pleased with how it turned out…especially since I just had a baby a few weeks before! Nailed it :)

  7. Oh my gosh, this is so cute!! I love the traffic light brownies!

  8. What a great party!! So many great details. I love the names of the cars on the food. The kiddos look like they are having a blast too!

  9. Oh my goodness, everything is so cute! Those box cars are adorable! I’m pinning, thanks for sharing your great ideas!

  10. How creative. Thank you for sharing a great idea!

  11. This is super cute! My son would love one like this!

  12. How cute! I love the little traffic light brownies!

  13. What a great idea! My daughter is a huge cars and trains kinda girl and she would love this!

  14. Aww this is so cute and unique!!! Love it!

  15. I love the theme! Too cute!

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