Mia’s Gal-Pal (Patience) Turns ONE {Adorable Video Included}

      Over the weekend, we celebrated yet another FIRST birthday. Patience (daughter of one of Daddy Dom’s best gal-pals of 20 years!) turned one year old. They live in San Diego but made the trip to LA for their joined birthday with their cousin who turned 2. It was such a sweet little family affair with kiddos, yummy food, treats and Cinderella! Yup, the princess herself made an appearance to play games with the girls, read to them, dance, make animal balloons for them and paint their faces. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a picture of her.

     Mia and her gal-pals, Abby & Patience, cut a rug to Cinderella’s music and dancing with the older girls. One day these 3 will be on a real dance floor together gettin’ down. Yikes.

p party1

p party2

What’s better than photos of darling girls dancing? How about a short video of darling girls dancing! How sweet is this…

It’s hard to see ’em, but check out her red, sequins TOMS! I’ve been waiting to put these on since my baby shower before she was born. Thanks, Kathy!

p party3a

Poor thing has a snotty/stuffy nose…which explains why her mouth is open in nearly every picture.

p party4

This was the first time Mia swung in a swing. It wasn’t a good experience…at all. So, whenever I blow in Mia’s face, she holds her breath and can’t breathe. I think this is a typical reaction for most or all babies. I don’t know when they grow out of it. Turns out, the same thing happens when she’s on a swing! The gushing air breezing past her face made her hold her breath. She was turning bright red and at first I thought maybe she was pooping. After realizing that she wasn’t breathing, we immediately grabbed the swing and she gasped for air. What the heck? We were not expecting that. No swings for her for a little while longer, I guess. You can see the quiet and subtle panic on her face below.

p party collage2aIt’s not a princess party with out tiaras and magic wands.

p party collage1a

Daddy’s princess.

p party7a

These party girls are in order from oldest to youngest. From left to right: Zoe (22 months), Abby (12 months), Patience (12 months), Mia (9 1/2 months).

p party9a

I can only assume that Mia is giving Patience some super happy birthday blessings, here.

p party10a

Daddy Dom and I made them an A-frame play tent for their gift, but we FORGOT to take a picture of it! Rats! It looks almost identical to baby Abby’s birthday tent and you can catch a glimpse of that one here.

Thanks for inviting our family to your special day, Patience. We’re thrilled to watch you grow.

I can’t believe that Mia’s special day is only about 2 months away. Time never flew by this fast before we were joined by baby.

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  1. LOVE the pic of all the girls, going in a frame! Patience LOVES her tent too, such an amazing job! Thank you Mia for being such a pretty princess at P’s party & for being an awesome gal pal! Your birfday is next, YAAAAAY!!!

  2. Love Love LOVE the shoes!!! And Happy Birthday Patience!!!! Too adorable! <3

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