Mia’s Room Tour {version 1}

We have lived in the home we rent for almost 2 years. Of all the rooms in the house, my 21 month old daughter’s room has received the most attention. Even though we’ve been here for nearly 2 years, it’s not yet complete. Maybe it never will be, since my mind and ideas are constantly evolving.

Why has this room taken so long to complete? You try furnishing and decorating any space when you’re 8 months pregnant (which was how far along I was when we moved into our home), have never lived with your significant other and moved from your parents’ house where all you owned was what fit into your bedroom. Sounds fun, right? I felt rushed to get the nursery in order and many decisions were impulsively made. It was also the first time I had ever been responsible for decorating anything other than a Christmas tree or a cake. I didn’t know what I was doing or even what look I was going for. I’m still no pro, but thanks to so many amazing ideas and visuals circulating on Pinterest, I have a much better idea now of what I want than I did 2 years ago.

This tour of Mia’s room is labeled “version 1” because I’m simply not satisfied with it in it’s current state and I have quite a few plans I’d like to carry out to get it closer to my ideal toddler room. I’ll explain these plans as we move through her space. Oh, and you’ll have to excuse the poor lighting in here. There’s not a single bright room in our house. There’s only one window in here and the sun does not shine directly into it.

The Tour

m room2

above: This is the direct view from the hallway, looking into Mia’s room.

faux sheepskin: IKEA // yellow & white gingham glider: gifted from Dom’s mom at my baby shower // purple dresser: roadside find that Dom sanded and painted before Mia was born. I’m thinking of stenciling it and/or changing out the hardware // window curtains: sewn by my mom but were meant for another room. I’m currently looking for that perfect pair of affordable drapes or the perfect fabric to make them myself. Definitely wanting something lighter in color to brighten up this space // The blinds?: Yeah, dingy, damaged and not ours and we’re too cheap to replace them in a house that we don’t own.

m room6

above: Take a few steps into the middle of the room and look to our right at Mia’s reading corner.

bookshelf: curbside find that I, yes mama, sanded down and spray painted (color will probably change, eventually) // little rocking chair: garage sale find for $5. I’m pretty sure I want to paint it but I don’t know what color. It should be gender neutral in case a baby boy joins our family one day // all of those books!: 3/4 of them have been sent to us in multiple deliveries from Dom’s uncle in AZ. He snags them for cheap at flea markets. Other books have been gifted at my shower and at Mia’s birthday // top shelf of bookcase: holds a glitter deer head DIY I made and other misc. items that I hope to display on floating shelves one day // hanging insect mobile: IKEA // rainbow flag bunting: made by me from pieces of felt and string. It’s temporarily in Mia’s room until her birthday, where it is meant to be displayed. I do plan to create another one, but with colors that I think will match this room a little better

m room5

above: view of Mia’s dresser that Daddy painted

left photo: me holding my just born baby girl in the hospital // piggy bank (half full): gifted from Auntie Kristen // center photo: Mia in her no-sew owl costume made by Mama, on her first Halloween // right photo: sonogram of unborn baby Mia // lamp: came from my room when I lived with my parents // glass trivet: hand blown and homemade, from an art festival I visited about 10 years ago! // books: I Hope You Dance, which has amazing lyrics and words that any parent would dedicate to their child…and…B, which I discovered via OhDearDrea’s blog (who’s home and daughter’s room I SO SERIOUSLY LOVE, btw!!! That there is my vision, people…and Mia’s room is far from it. Ha!).

m room3

above: view from the center of the room into the far back corner

teal trunk: garage sale find for a few bucks, holding baby blankets and crib sheets // Mia’s framed “littlePortrait”: created from a photo of Mia by the very talented Cecile over at La Belette Rose. Check her out! // dotted rug: Zulily find at only $35! It may be repositioned at a different angle, I’m still debating over where it would look best // dead space in the corner: I’m considering moving the big yellow bookcase into that corner along with the faux sheepskin

m room4

above: view to the left of Mia’s play area

plastic rocking horse: garage sale find for $2 // play kitchen: hand-me-down from our good friend, Carol and her daughter Maddy. Mia loves “cooking” like Mommy and going through all the drawers // crib: gifted from my parents at my shower // gold polka-dot crib sheets (hardly visible): found on Etsy from ModFox among so many other amazing baby bedding! // crib rail covers (Mia was a wood carver): handmade by my mom, complete with pockets on the outside to keep her paci. These covers can probably come off now.

Wall Gallery Details:

m room7

above: hair bow/clip holder made by a good friend of ours for Mia’s 1st birthday gift. LOVE this, and I’ve actually made a few myself since receiving it.

m room8

above: a fabric wrapped art piece that also serves as a night light! It was gifted to us (for a review/giveaway) from DiaNoche Designs. They have so many different categories to choose from. Mia loves this thing. And ya’ll get a 25% discount if you use my code: momista321

m room9

above: close up of the giant LOVE frame. The frame was found (with a hideous painting inside) at Goodwill for $9. I spray painted it and the letters are wooden cut-outs from Michael’s that I modge podged with a patterned card stock. At any time, I can glue a different printed paper onto them to refresh this look. The letters are duct taped to the wall. Classy.

m room10

above: monogram “mia” letters: Anthropologie from a few years back (their latest ones here) and the butterfly photograph was purchased at an art festival quite a few years back.

m room11

above: artwork I made (idea taken from Pinterest) for Mia’s 1st birthday (sunshine theme). I do plan to change the color of the frame (not sure which, though)

M room1

above: the latest addition to Mia’s room are these great learning posters. I know, they’re a bit busy and loud but they’re effective and are a great learning tool for Mia. I got the idea for using these particular posters from Erica’s blog at To The Sea. Her daughter is maybe a month or 2 older than Mia and she can identify the entire alphabet, can count to 10 and little bit past that, recognizes all of her colors and either all or almost all of her shapes…and they use these posters. What a rock star! We ordered them online immediately here, here and here :)

m room12

above: view of the entryway

wall behind the crib: this space is bare and I’ve yet to decide what I want to do with it. I may hang some handmade bunting or garland? something very simple // mirror: found either at a garage sale or thrift store and I spray painted it // dream catcher wind chime: gifted from Dom’s uncle. Strumming it has helped distract Mia at times, if she’s crying // changing table: gifted from my brother for my shower. I added pink bows to girly it up a little // door frame trim: I know! needs to be painted!

And lastly, the color of the walls. We painted this room right when we moved in and now I’m really wanting to paint it white! It used to be a really ugly old looking beige or yellowish color. I really think white will brighten and lighten this space up, which is what it needs since there’s only one window. And a lot of the nurseries or toddler rooms I tend to pin on Pinterest are white. That’s gotta be a sign, right?

Well that’s it, folks. This is the current look of Mia’s room. This space is a work in progress and more changes will be made and as I make them, I’ll be sure to update you with its progress. In the meantime, I’d love to hear what you think or to hear any advice you may have on color schemes, DIY ideas or repositioning of items/furniture, etc.



  1. Such a cozy room!

  2. That little kitchen!! Super cute, and I love the way you store her hairclips! :)

  3. Yeah for the posters!! They definitely helped. Another thing to do is use flash cards or other objects and have them match it with where it goes on the poster! :) I love what you did with the bookshelf/mirror/etc. I really want to do stuff like that this time around. We will be moving into our new apartment when I’m 8 or 9 months pregnant too which I know is going to drive me crazy when I don’t have the ability to decorate. But I’ve already started planning and I can’t wait!

    • GREAT tip, Erica. After I read this I started matching things in her room with the colors. Why didn’t I think of that?? I do have flash cards somewhere. I think I introduced them a little too soon to her, she just wanted to shuffle through them and throw them everywhere, rather than actually look and learn. I hid them and don’t really remember where! And GOOD LUCK on that move! Ugh, moving when being that pregnant was such a drag. I felt bad, the hubby had to do so much work. Thanks for commenting :)

  4. Aw this is such a great room. I love the play area and the great wall of art. My FAVORITE thing is that super colorful rug! Love it!!!!

    • Thanks Tina. It’s definitely nice for now. When I look at this space, I see plans for a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT room! i like the addition of the rug, too. what a super cheap find.

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