Mia’s Shower

Dearest Mia Rose,

     I thought you’d like to know that while you’ve been growing and getting stronger inside Mommy’s belly each day, a lot has been going on around you on the outside.  Your mommy and daddy have been working really hard to provide you with a cozy house to bring you  home to soon.  The rest of your family and some of your mommy and daddy’s friends have also been working hard to prepare us for life with a baby.  Can you believe that so many people already love and care for you, when they haven’t even seen or met you yet?  Well believe it, sister…they do.  We all had a very special get-together last weekend, in honor of you.  Friends and family got to see how big you’re getting in Mommy’s tummy, and how big Mommy has been getting everywhere else, too!  They also were able to come together to shower you and our family with love and generosity to give you everything you’ll need to be safe, comfortable, happy and of course, cute!  Your Aunt Lisa (Daddy’s sister) offered to hostess the event at her house.  She spent so much time and energy planning and preparing for your special day so that everything came together just right.  She also put her culinary skills to work and made everyone a delicious cous cous salad, set up a sandwich station and put out other tasty finger foods.  Mommy’s friend of 10 years, Stephanie, offered to make the most adorable invitations for your party and she also provided the pink and yellow decorations (including flowers), helped set up and brought some yummy cupcakes.  Mommy’s friend since the 3rd grade, Alicen, came up with some fun games for all of your guests to play.  She created a CD of songs that have the word “baby” in them and we all had to guess the name of the song and/or the name of the artist.  The winner with the  most points won a prize and a copy of the CD.  There was another game that required everyone to wear a baby clip.  If anyone heard someone say the word “cute,” then they could snatch their clip from them.  Whoever had the most clips at the end of the party won a prize.  You could just imagine how many times “cute” was said during the opening of presents.  Game on!  Both of your grandmas were there, too, and were so much help.  Grandma C (Daddy’s mom) helped your Aunt Lisa clean the house and set up the day before.  Grandma L (my mom) helped set up as well as make a salad, a pesto and sundried tomato salad (my favorite) and she made her famous Sangria (which I could only have a sip of…and I had 2 sips!)  She also brought some large fruit tarts from Porto’s Bakery (Daddy’s favorite dessert).  The party was beautiful and great.  I was so excited to share such a special moment with some very special people for a most special baby girl.  I can’t wait to share with you the pictures from that day along with all the cards with the kindest of words for you and our family.  And girlfriend, congratulations on accumulating more clothes than your mommy!

Much love my darling,

Mommy xoxo

Here are a few photos from Mia’s shower…

The delicious array of food

Top right: to my surprise, Dominic sent a gift as well. It's a B.O.B. stroller!

bottom right: my mom and sister-in-law, Lisa

bottom right: Grandma C and I, organizing gifts at home

I’m sure I left out a few helpful hands when mentioning all the wonderful people who took part in making this day so special.  To EVERYONE who helped, many thanks, hugs and kisses from Dominic, Mia and me!  We love you all and feel grateful for all you’ve done and continue to do.

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