Mia’s Thanksgiving Surprise

How was your Thanksgiving? Ours was much anticipated and very much enjoyed…since we get 2 of em :)

I made a side dish of sweet potato balls with a marshmallow center and rolled in coconut, cinnamon and sugar for Dom’s side of the family. I’ll be remaking this dish later and will post the recipe with photos for ya. We were stuck in traffic for 1 1/2 hours and were late to dinner (2:30pm). Everything was delicious as always. Mia was all smiles and on her best behavior. She even had her own little Thanksgiving meal, Turkey with sweet potatoes (baby food jar). She liked it.

tday collage

We left at 6pm to my family’s Thanksgiving. I could hardly eat anything, I was so full. But the company was great and Mia was so happy to see more familiar faces. She also had a little trick up her sleeve.

So…I think my Thanksgiving holiday this year tried to “one-up” last year.

Last year, Dominic proposed to my preggolicious self the night before Thanksgiving which was exciting to share with our families on Thanksgiving day. He gave me much to be thankful for.

This year, we are married and have been joined by our beautiful daughter who is now 7 months old. If that isn’t enough, she decided to meet a deadline that we had for her. We had hoped for quite some time now that she would have figured out the whole crawling thing by Thanksgiving. Well, she waited until the final hours of Thanksgiving night (procrastinator like Mommy) and she did it…she crawled! Not the little “army crawl” or wobbly, floppy, tummy squirming she’d been doing until then…but a full on one-knee-in-front-of-the-other crawl! I think she only managed to pull off 4 consecutive crawls that night, but that was more than she’s ever done and it counts! We were so proud. We didn’t catch it on video, we’ve only got a little photo of her assuming the position.


It’s now a week after Thanksgiving (sorry for the late post), and she’s been crawling all over the place, perfectly. Not only that, but she’s standing every chance she gets, too. It was amazing to see how much she could accomplish in such a short period of time. Show off.

I’m forever thankful for this sweet, beautiful child.

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  1. So sweet! She looks very proud of her accomplishment! GO MIA!

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