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reflection CollageI created my blog a little over two years ago. Not once in its existence have I defined what a “momista” is. Mostly, because I don’t know how to.  But, here I am about to attempt an explanation. This should be interesting.

I think we are all familiar with the word “fashionista”? This is someone who is a follower of fashion, is always up with the latest trends and styles and also paves their own way in fashion, creating unique looks all their own. Fashionistas, however, are not created equal. Each one has his or her own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to the fashions they can and can’t carry. Each one is unique but all have a common goal or interest. I believe a “momista” can be defined in the same manner in regards to motherhood.

I believe a “momista” to be a devout follower and lover of motherhood. A momista is more than just a mother, though. She takes it to the next level. She’s always wanting to be more, do more and better herself as a mother. A momista strives to create the best damn childhood possible for her kids, using her strengths and downplaying her weaknesses.

Each momista is different because each mother is good at and takes interest in different things. One mother might be a great seamstress and will sew all/some of her kids’ clothing. She may also hand make her kids’ Halloween costumes each year. Another mother may be great at painting and will pass on her skills to her kids while displaying their artwork throughout the house. A mother who loves to bake will provide an endless supply of delicious treats to every bake sale and birthday that her kids have coming. She may also let her kids get involved in the baking process, despite the extra mess that this may create (the memories are worth more). A mother who loves the outdoors may create a backyard campground for the kids to camp out in tents overnight, complete with a fire and s’mores. She also may be known for taking her kids on nature walks and/or hikes. A sporty mom may volunteer her time as the “team mom” of her child’s sports team and/or will be at every single game. A more girly mom may create an at home “spa day” with her daughter by painting nails, giving massages and taking bubble baths. An involved mom will read books with her kids each day/night and will actively participate in homework and school projects/reports. She also will open the line of communication with her kids, and will never stop asking questions regarding their day at school, their relationships with friends and their hopes and dreams for their future. The list goes on and the different possible scenarios are endless. Basically, a momista goes the extra mile, above and beyond providing the basic needs of love, shelter, food and safety. A momista creates memories through activities, traditions, adventures, explorations and experiences.

This blog is partly my personal account of my child’s and family’s life but of my own momista beginnings.


  1. Aww, cute pics!! I loved reading this blog post, how creative!!

  2. I love this. I love your blog name, it’s creative. I also love the layout of your blog, it’s too cute and organized. Great job!

    You should visit my blog;
    I would love if you did. I am trying to get more viewers.
    Thank you (:

  3. This is why I follow your blog…and I’m not big on recreational reading (who has time!). But your point of view is real and refreshing.

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