My baby is WALKING??? {VIDEO included}

So for the past week or so, my husband and I have been in disagreement over whether or not our 10 month old daughter is officially walking. He says (proudly) that she is indeed walking. I say that she’s on the fence and is almost walking. Maybe you blogworms can weigh in on the subject and help us come to the same conclusion. In fact, please do.

Here is Exhibit A…

…and Exhibit B

aaaaaannnndddd….this one’s just for fun…cheering and clapping for The Ellen Show, some walking and drinking out of Daddy’s “sippy cup” :)

As you can see, she’s not using the sofa or the gate to “cruise” on by. She still does that at times, but she mostly likes to use those to stand up so that she can walk around the play area, without assistance. She’s wobbly, yes. She still looses balance and falls onto her bum. But she’s getting better and better by the hour. Even as I write this a day after these were recorded, she’s walking around the complete area of her play yard…better than on the videos. She hardly crawls anymore.

So, what’s keeping me from officially announcing that she’s walking? Well, I’m just not sure if it is official since she still falls down pretty often and since she can’t stand up on her own without assistance to begin walking and since I’ve never seen her walk outside of her play area. She looks like a small, drunk person. She toddles with her hands up in the air or out in front of her like a zombie.

Daddy, on the other hand, is convinced and certain that she is, in fact, walking. I think maybe if I saw her walking like this around the house or outside in the backyard or maybe while holding my hand while I walk around, maybe then I’d be more convinced? Either way, I’m so stoked for this milestone and so proud of this little girl. I can’t believe this has all happened so fast. She’s putting the pedal to the metal and leaving us behind in her dust.

When did YOU consider your child to be “walking”? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Yeah my kids walking .. at 10 months. Wtf! Daddy’s proud of his little girl :).

  2. Well I think you and I have been outvoted! Ha. Everyone else has given their 2 cents on the matter and looks like she\’s officially walking! This is gonna be an \”i told ya so\” moment with Dom. Mia\’s got so much to show off to you next time we see you :)

  3. That is ABSOLUTELY WALKING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. The be walking right there! You have a walker! YAY MIA!!! You go girl!

  5. Anonymous says

    That’s walking.

  6. Yeay Mia! Looks like walking to me!

  7. Toni Salce says

    Without a doubt, that’s walking! Before you know it she will be running circles around you two!!

  8. LOOK AT HER!!!!!!!!!!! I’d say she is learning to walk.. quickly!!!! Haha.. I’d be on the fence like you, but she is sooooooooo almost there!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic!!! Give her yay for walking kisses for me!!!!! LOVE that little girl <3 <3 <3

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