My Chevrug!

What on Earth is a Chevrug? It’s my made up word for the day.  I ordered a chevron printed rug from Urban Outfitters and it was delivered yesterday!  I named it, “Chevrug” and its arrival has totally made my week!  My living room has been in desperate need of a little more color and life.  Um…it still does even with the rug, but man the rug sure does help.  I feel like my house has taken one more baby step in becoming a home.  I’m not done with it yet, ya hear.  See the little bit of bare wall showing in the bottom pic?  I’ve got big plans for that surface :)

So what did we learn today, kids?  A colorful rug (and toss pillows seen on the sofas) make a big difference in the vibe and feel of a room.  These are quick, easy and affordable ways of adding a little character to any space.




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  1. Cleverly placed!! Looks good!!!! :)

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