My Etsy Shop Is Open For Biz! (finally)

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I’m excited to finally announce the opening of my Etsy shop: Momista & Pop Shop

It’s funny how many different roads open up to you or how many new and different ideas are sparked in your head after having a kid. Before Mia, I didn’t know a thing about kid toys or accessories or style/clothing or nursery decor, etc. I had no reason to be browsing Pinterest or Google for anything remotely related to babies or kids. But once I found out I was pregnant, that’s all I was doing. I love DIY projects and being crafty so I’d Pin so many images of fun little things that I wanted to make for my baby. I’ve had fun trying out a few projects (like this one here, here, here and here). At this early stage of realizing how many cute things there are for kids out there, I didn’t have any desire to sell anything I made.

That changed soon after I came across this particular post from Sydney at The Daybook Blog about 2 years ago (one of my favorite blogs, btw, and the one I’ve been following the longest). She had ordered a “play tent” from Etsy and decorated it herself. I fell in love with it and I just had to have one for Mia. I researched how to make them and with the help of Dominic, we made our very own. I thought the tent was so great that we even made 2 more and gave them away as 1st birthday gifts to daughters of 2 good friends of ours. You can see the first gifted tent we made, HERE. It was then that I wanted to keep making more to sell them on Etsy. That’s the main feature of my shop: A-Frame Play Tents for kids.

I have to give a huge shout out to my mom and Dominic, though. My mom has played a huge part in the production of these. She’s gone to the fabric store dozens of times with me (even one very early morning on “Black Friday” to score some deals) to help pick out fun prints. She also drove me to downtown LA’s garment district to find some deals there, too. That was an adventure. Before I had my own sewing machine (which she gifted to me this last Christmas), I spent many days at her house so I could sew them while she entertained Mia. And she’s even taken Mia on playdates so that I could focus on sewing, uninterrupted. During these “crafting days”, we added another product to sell in the shop: burp cloths. She had been making them for a while (along with quilts) for baby shower gifts for her friends. She showed me how she made them and I began adding that to my inventory. They’re currently not up in my shop yet, but they will be within the next few days. They’ve all been made, I just have to photograph them and create their listings on Etsy. Anyways, I’m telling you, my mom’s been an amazing help to me and has played an intricate role in this whole process.

Dominic has also had an important job. He makes the wood frame! He’s such a guy, he’s got every tool known to man in the garage. It was clear that he was the man to go to for my power tool needs and he was more than willing to get involved. He even went to the hardware store for me to purchase the materials. And it’s because of his involvement that made me want to include him in the name of the shop (hence, the “Pop”).

So there you have it, after over a year of sewing and drilling and sawing and shopping and cutting and photographing…my tents are ready to be sold. You should definitely “favorite” my shop because I still have more tents to photograph and post and like I said before, I have burp cloths to add. And that’s not all. I’ve got other ideas for handmade items that I’ll be adding to the shop once they’re made. I hope to always be filling it with fun little odds and ends (mostly for kids). You’ll want to check back in from time to time so you don’t miss out on anything. Also, I’ll be notifying you via Instagram as well so make sure you’re following me there for updates. In case you ever forget how to get to my shop, there’s an ad/link in my sidebar here on the blog.

I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear your feedback! Take a look at some of my tents that are up in the shop below and some of my behind the scenes shots with Mia checking them out. She loves the tents, btw. She said she wants to tell stories in them. Love her. Anyways, be sure to let me know what you think. And feel free to share this any way you’d like (on the blog, IG, FB, Twitter, etc.) THANKS!

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*Note* These tents make a great 1st birthday, 2nd birthday, baby shower and Christmas gift. And Christmas is only a few months away (wink, wink).


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  1. Love love love them, they are so pretty!!! 100% adding this to Lyla’s Christmas wishlist ;)

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