My insides are burning!

OUCH!!!  I left work 2 hours early today due to some nasty heartburn.  This is the second time I’ve had to cut a work day short from this ugly pregnancy side effect.  I think the worst part is that it’s from the same type of food as the last time!  I had a salad for lunch with some Italian dressing, and it was a salad + Italian dressing (different kind, though) last time that did me under.  Fool me twice, shame on me.  Not again.  The pain starts off small and irritating, but then quickly grows into a full on burning sensation that doesn’t quit, along with moments of nausea and shortness of breath.  I took one Tums at work, moaned and groaned on the drive home, had a bit of burps and gas and I’m feeling a little better now.  Whew!


I did a little research on possible at-home remedies for heartburn and came up with pretty much the same info all around.  Many people relied on Tums to get them through their pain, and some preferred Mylanta or Pepcid.  Of course, it’s best to check with your doctor before taking these.  Also, many people recommended drinking a glass of cold milk (which I’m about to do right now), but most say that the relief is short and temporary.  One person suggested a scoop of cold ice cream.  Oh, and try not to lie down for a while so that the acids don’t rise up towards your belly and throat which will worsen the pain.

Here are a few of the links I looked through on the matter…


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If you have any tips of your own or experiences you’d like to share and help us newbies out, please leave a comment for all to see.  Thanks!

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