My Lovely Belly Lump {part deux}

I had a request for another picture of the belly.  I love photography, so why I haven’t I been taking more pictures of me during my pregnancy?  Oh yeah…because I feel like a beast!  Haaha.  I’ve gotta say that the more I grow, the more effort I make each day to look super cute (well, as cute as I can look) at work.  I think it’s been working pretty well since I still get plenty of compliments from co-workers and my student’s parents on how “cute” I look.  I’ll try my best to take more photos, and of better quality.

So here we are at 28 and 1/2 weeks, which is about 6 months and a few days.  What you don’t see is little Mia, mooning the camera.  She’s a little sassy stinker.


  1. you look "cute" everyday Honey… Even when you first wake up… :)

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