My treadmill is my new bae (+ my workout playlist)

What’s with the word “bae”, anyway? Not gonna lie, I think it’s obnoxious. I had to look it up because I’ve been seeing it used so much lately and had no idea what it meant (since I’m now a mom of 2 and my current residence is under a rock). If I’m not mistaken, it’s short for “baby” or “babe” and is what the kids are calling their significant other these days. Puh-lease correct me if that definition is wrong because I would just hate to use it incorrectly.  Seriously? Are the words “baby” and “babe” really not short enough that we have to shorten them even more? People are really getting more lazy and less creative these days. Anyways…I digress.

On to what I really want to talk about, which is explaining why I may not be chiming in here on the blog as much as I’d like to. I really do love blogging and it’s a priority of mine, but right now it’s taking a temporary back seat to getting my butt back into shape. I mean, it is a shape….it’s just not the shape I’d prefer at the moment. I used to do most of my blogging in the mornings while Mia was in preschool (3x a week) but now I’m using that time to exercise.

I’m 3 months post-baby and I’ve decided that it’s time to start shedding the baby weight. I’ve got an extra 5 lbs remaining after my most recent child and 15 lbs remaining from my first pregnancy. That’s 20 additional lbs after having babies. Unlike my first pregnancy with Mia, the latest one with Margo has left my belly stretched and loose. Because of this, I’m not sure that my body will ever get back to the way it was, pre-kids. I really hope that’s not true. I do know that dropping weight is going to be harder than it ever was for me. I’m going to have to be more disciplined and focused on my diet and on my level of physical activity. Pre-baby, I had all of the time in the world to dedicate to fitness but now my time is so limited with 2 kids at ages 3 years old and 3 months old. They require so much of my attention, it really is hard to find time for myself as well.

But…I’m sick and tired of feeling heavy and blob-ish and not fitting into the majority of my clothes. I know that my body is amazing as-is…it carried and birthed my two beautiful daughters. They were worth the changes that my body has undergone. But, I’m not content with just accepting the extra weight. That’s why I’ve already begun a workout routine.

Last week, I ran on my treadmill on Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning immediately after dropping Mia off at her summer preschool program. Margo goes down for a nap right when I get back home and stays asleep for anywhere from 1-2 hours. That gives me time for a 45 minute run, a shower and time to get ready to pick up Mia. This routine worked out really well last week and it’s what I plan to carry out from now on.

I can’t tell you how good it felt to run again. I really do love it. It’s so freeing, it’s therapeutic, and is such an endorphin booster. I always feel great after a good run. It’s also really fun to sing and jam out to blaring music over the speakers in my garage. No joke, my workouts sound like a full blown dance club in there. I can crank up the volume and get lost in the music, which helps pass the time and makes a 45 minute run feel like only 10. Being in the garage (my husband’s domain) doesn’t provide the best view of much. It’s actually really cluttered, dirty and overwhelming in there, but there’s not a room in our house to put the treadmill in where the kids won’t hear it during their naps…so I’ll deal with it.


Hopefully, I’ll be able to update you with successful progress on the weight loss front and I also hope I won’t fall too far behind with other life updates on the blog. Priorities though, right?

In case any of you care to rock out with me to your own workout routine, here’s my current “workout playlist” (in no particular order). I’m always adding and subtracting music as I increase my running speed. That’s because I run to the beat of each song that comes on. Right now, I do more power-walking than running but as I gain stamina and endurance I’ll include more fast-paced music to keep my running pace up. Enjoy!

My current favorites are this one, this one and this one. Really gets my legs moving!

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  1. Hahah I don’t even know what those songs are. I gained SO MUCH MORE than 20 lbs when I had Lyla and it took me months to decide to lose it. I still have like 20 more to go and I think I lost around 30? I got so so so fat when I was pregnant and giving birth really didn’t make me weigh less. I didn’t work out, I’m so lazy. I just diet all the time but lately I just have the worst time dieting. It’s so hard dieting with a kid!! You make them all this delicious food that you can’t eat if you’re dieting, ugh. I always end up snacking on her snacks and can’t stop. I NEED YOUR MOTIVATION TO WORK OUT!

    • Really? So many of them are top hits on the radio right now. I think. I don’t listen to too much radio. And I’m the opposite as you, I prefer to exercise a lot so I can eat more of what I want. I HATE dieting…it makes me so cranky! Ha, I’ve tried all kinds of them and I always failed. But losing any weight so far is proving to be really tough! My body isn’t responding as fast to my workouts as it used to. Bleh :(

  2. Way to go, Mama! I’m 5 months pp and just went on my first “walk” yesterday. Totally in quotes, because it was a hellova workout—both kids in the stroller, so 50ish pounds at least, and literally up giant hills both ways. I’m still sore today, but I’m going to attempt doing it again. Even though I was huffing and puffing, I still felt so good working my body!

    • Hey, good for you! You’ve got to start somewhere, right? Sounds like it was tough. I’m sore, too…from just the treadmill. Oh, and my “abs” are sore from just 20 sit-ups!! Pathetic, haha. :( Thanks for the comment. And keep up the work!

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