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One thing I’ve learned about myself since becoming a mom is how little I paid attention to the ingredients and materials that made up the products I used. Since having kids, I’ve suddenly found myself protecting them from things that I use or have used countless times. Suddenly, safety is a major priority. Nail polish is one of those items that just doesn’t make the cut, at least while my kids are so young.

But, I have to be honest. When Mia, my first born, became interested in nail polish around 2 years old…I didn’t think anything of it. I had always dreamed of the day when I’d get to paint my daughter’s nails for the first time. Such a mommy-daughter moment. So when she asked me if she could dig through my box of polishes and choose a few for me to paint on her, I absolutely said yes! She was her most calm and still when I painted her finger and toe nails. It was pretty impressive. And, they all turned out great and she loved her new nails. She’d tell anyone she came across all about her new, pretty nails and how Mommy painted them for her. So proud.


Well, my mom saw her nails a few days later and proceeded to bust my polish painting bubble! I got an earful on the subject of chemicals in nail polish and how they are too harsh for Mia’s sensitive and thin nails. She was totally not cool with my parenting decision to give Mia a little mani/pedi. I was completely caught off guard by this since the thought of chemical exposure never crossed my mind, even though now it seems so obvious that it should have. #momfail

Coincidentally, I received an email a few days later from Suncoat, a company that makes water-based nail polish (and other beauty products) that is chemical free. Safe for kids! I was shocked over the perfect timing for this collaboration. I was definitely down to sample their products. I was sent three of their nail polishes, colors of my choice, along with a little nail file. Mia was beyond excited to receive her own nail products in the mail!


Soon after receiving them, I was painting Mia’s fingers and toes. I’d say the main differences that I can tell between these water-based polishes and your traditional polish is that they’re a bit thinner in texture and they feel cold to the touch while blowing on them to dry. They definitely require 2 or more coats and they last for a few days on the fingers. The toes last longer. I also like how easy they are to peel off when you’re ready to remove the paint. The best part about them is that they’re safe for my kid’s nails and skin! No nasty fumes to inhale and no chemicals being absorbed.

I do recommend using non-toxic nail polish from Suncoat. There are very affordable sets of different colors available. And if you don’t have kids who care for painted nails, I think these make for a great gift idea for birthdays and other holidays or special occasions. Parents will thank you for taking safety into consideration and I think young kids will feel so “grown up” to own their own set of nail polishes.


*Note: I apologize for poor-quality phone photos. Have you tried photographing a toddler with a chunky DSLR camera while painting their nails?? I have. Ain’t doing that again.

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  1. Wooo I’ve never heard of this brand but I’ll check them out. I use 100 Percent Pure nailpolish at the moment since it’s chemical free but it’s so expensive! Always open to try new brands.

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