Nursery style Inspiration

I’ve been browsing the web like CRAZY, looking for fun ideas on decorating my Tater-Tot’s future room and on stylish and useful mommy and baby products. OhDeeDoh is AMAZING! I love the color of this wall and the super-sized alphabet on the wall. Click here for more views of little Ross’s nursery.

How cool is this space saver idea. I actually kinda hope my future nursery’s closet is big enough for a small crib. I like the idea of the Tot in its own cubby hole :) Click here to see more of Eloise’s nursery.

Another really fun example of a little closet nook for your little one. I love the vibrant color scheme (again, loving the mint blue wall paint). Check out Simon, Levi and Josie’s shared room here.
If I have a boy, this color scheme is at the top of the list for consideration. Loving the use of gray and calm walls with a rays of yellow sunshine accenting the room. Pretty cool. View Graham’s nursery here.
YES! Here is the nursery that inspired me to recreate this warm, calm and sunny ambiance. I’ve chosen to not use the traditional pinkscheme if I have a girl…THIS is what I want. Again, I’m in love with color of the wall…and the yellow, red, orange, and bits of pink accents really bring it all together in a very cheerful and feminine way. Definitely cruise over here for more
drooling over Norah’s nursery.
Maybe this one is tied with the last, for my favorite! However, if this were my space, I’d bring out a little more of the reds and oranges with some small accessories, or on the curtains. Who’d-a-thought I’d be into YELLOW?! It makes me feel warm, and smile. Check out Little P’s room here.

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