Our first family day at the beach!

It was a Sunday Funday for our family, for sure, last weekend. The southern California weather has been scorching so we headed to cooler temps on the coast of Oxnard. Why Oxnard? The dogs don’t have to be on a leash and of course, we brought the dogs. Daddy Dom and I usually chill at a spot in Malibu when we head to the beach, BUT, this requires parking right on the side of a highway and hiking down a steep and rocky cliff side to get to the sand below. We were not about to do this with our 15 month old. Not safe. So…we opted for Oxnard where we parked in a lovely beach house/residential area and had a long stretch of flat, smooth sand to trek across to get to our destination. The better choice, indeed.

Mia hated the sand. The minute her toes first touched it, she shrieked and cried and froze in place like she forgot how to walk. Daddy Dom picked her up and carried her over to the shore. We thought for sure that this water-loving-baby would be stoked about an endless supply of it, coming in waves right up to her feet. Nope. An even bigger disaster.

ox Collage1

At least she looked so darn cute in her little beachy ensemble.

ox Collage3After eating lunch (I made us sandwiches from home) a quick change into her Juicy Couture swimsuit (thanks again, Aunt Judi!) and busting out the sand toys we bought at CVS Pharmacy on our way there, she warmed up to the sand. Love that ruffled tush.

ox Collage2

Daddy Dom showed Mia how to make some mini sand castles and Mia enjoyed pouring sand on his feet.

ox Collage4

ox Collage5

Roxi and Rancho took on the crashing waves with no problem to catch their Frisbee.

ox Collage9


This was about as close as we could get to the water without Mia complaining.

ox Collage12

Any closer looked a lot like this…

ox Collage10

If you’ve been following my blog, then you know about my recent goal of getting in more pictures with my daughter. Thanks Daddy Dom for getting behind the camera and capturing these memorable moments.

ox Collage11

Oh, the dogs. Roxi (top) and Rancho (bottom) are such fun at the beach. I’m sure it felt amazing for them to cool off for the day.    ox Collage6

Here’s a little comic relief: (top) Mia tried hooking up Rancho’s leash to his ear and (bottom) Roxi caught the Frisbee in her mouth, blinding herself and causing her to run right into my chair before dropping it and regaining her sight. That was a “doh-doh” moment.      0x Collage7

Before we left, we took Mia towards the water one last time with hopes she had gotten over her fear of it. She still wasn’t happy about it, but fussed a lot less than when we first arrived. Maybe next time she’ll get over it.

ox Collage8

The dogs and baby knocked out the whole way home. That’s a true sign of a fun filled and successful day at the beach. That, along with no sunburn (except for Dad), no sand in her eyes and none in her hoo-ha ;) Speaking of that, and completely unrelated to this post, but WHAT in the world am I going to teach her to call her private part? My mom is from Mexico and I was brought up saying (I have NO clue how to spell this) “chone-chee” (“chone” rhymes with cone, btw). What do all of you teach your youngest to say once they start talking? I’ve gotta say that I had no clue I’d be asking that question when I first began this post. Random!

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  1. oh my goodness… Mia’s bathing suit is the MOST precious thing ever. these photographs are gorgeous, too — so bright & dreamy.

  2. What lovely photos.. im the same, i always say im going to be in the photos instead of behind them but it rarely happens! New bloglovin follower – cant wait to see more!

    WTTP – The little lady with a baby!

    • Thanks for the comment. It\’s really hard, right? But looking back, I\’m practically missing from her whole first year! Major Mommy fail. Welcome to the blog and I now am a bloglovin follower of you as well. What a beautiful family you have!

  3. Maria Carone says

    You guys look like your having fun at the beach. My granddaughter is soooo beautiful. She’ll get use to the beach, Dominic loved it as a kid.

    Grandma Carone

    • Thanks Grandma! The beach was a blast. Maybe we can pencil in a beach day when you\’re in town :) Thanks for the comment. And yes, our girl is just too cute.

  4. LOVE the pictures!!! I still have yet to get my girls to the beach – certainly failing at mother of the year over here! LOL we have somehow landed on “private/privates” as our word… works well for the girls, and also (in my brain) helps drive home that it is PRIVATE! ;) good luck with that!!! My 3 1/2 yo recently asked me how babies come out of their mommys tummys, so………….. LOL Oh the fun that is in store for us moms!

    • Thanks for the comment! \”Private\” is probably the safest word to use and makes the most sense. When I was pregnant, my students (ages 4-8) would discuss how my baby was to come out. These kids aren\’t mine, so what the heck am I to say to that? I\’d say things like, \”well, I\’m not really sure how the doctor is going to get the baby out. I\’ve never had one before. I\’ll have to wait and see when I get to the hospital.\” One 6 year old girl looked up at me and said, \”oh…it\’s gonna HURT!\” Thanks, kid.

  5. LOL! \”Cha cha\”…i love it! Isn\’t that a dance move, too? Hope she doesn\’t confuse the two down the road…\”let me see you cha cha!\” ;)

  6. Your baby girl has the most beautiful eyes!! A lot of little kids don’t like the ocean the first time. Beautiful pictures!

    My 2 owls

  7. Glad she liked the beach… for the most part. After Abby’s reaction to the sand, I think we’ll be waiting til next year to try again.

    And to answer your question… we call it her “cha cha”.

  8. I’m signing up for emails so I can get your post. I have word press but never use it. Just get blogs sent from it that use wordpress like yourself. is it better than blog?

  9. Thanks for visiting girl. I’m from Georgia. 3 hours south of Atlatna in a little town called Cuthbert. Nothing to it. glad you commented and stopped by. I’m glad we agree on the comment thing. I’ll visit you more often. I just got to write your blog down b/c I dont think you use blogger do you.

  10. Love your beach pics. cute. love how you caught the waves crashing in. what kind of camera do you use? i cant wait to go and try out my cannon at the beach. I cant wait til our beach trip. praying we have one come sept.

    • Thanks! I have a Nikon D5000 and used a 35mm 1.8G lens. I’ve recently learned (since Mother’s Day when my hubby surprised me with the new lens) that it’s the lens that makes all the difference in your photos. My fingers are crossed that you get your beach trip and have fun getting to know your camera :) Thanks for the comment.

  11. Thanks, Kerry :)

  12. Great pictures!!!

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