Our FIRST Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day!

We were so thrilled and blessed to have celebrated our very 1st one on Sunday.  This whole parent thing…this little precious baby…it’s amazing.  Each day gets better and brings us more love than we ever thought possible.  I’d like to take this opportunity to tell the whole world (ok, or just my 3 devoted readers out there) that my husband is such a great father!  Am I surprised?  Nope.  I knew it years ago that he would be nothing short of great.  He loves his daughter so much, he gets choked up just looking at her…almost on a daily basis.  I hear him always telling her, “Mia, you’re so amazing!  Did you know that?  Daddy loves you.”  He helps watch her in the morning before he goes to work when I need to shower or eat breakfast.  Sometimes he takes her so that I can get an hour more of sleep.  He has no problem changing her wet AND poopy diapers.  He gladly feeds her.  He’s a “burping” pro.  He loves taking a shower with her.  Occasionally, he wears her in a carrier when he comes home from work so he can continue to water the grass outside or his garden.  He even picks out cute outfits for her to wear.  Oh, and the PDA (public display of affection) is over the top!  Wait, is that even possible when it comes to your kid?  You can never be too affectionate.  Honey, kiss and smooch away!  Mia is so lucky to have Dominic as her Daddy.  I love watching them grow together and to see their father daughter bond strengthen.  I’m so excited at the thought that I’ll get to see it everyday, and for the rest of our lives.  Such a cool thing.

For Dominic’s Father’s Day Gift, I made him a photo book that begins with Mia’s birth and ends with her at 6 weeks.  I originally wanted to use Picaboo.com to create the book but I thought of the idea too late and it wouldn’t have arrived in time.  I think their books look more professional and there are a lot more options and ways to create a customized product.   Since I only had a few days, I went to CVS and used their photo kiosk to create it.  I uploaded all the photos I wanted to use to a flash drive and put it in the kiosk.  From there, I chose the size book, the amount of pages (20), and I arranged each page with photos in chronological order.  I also added some text here and there to make it more personal.  I think I was there for about 4 hours making this thing!  I left around 11pm…thank goodness they’re open 24hrs.  I was on page 16 when I tried to add more pages and clicked the WRONG option which made the computer AUTO ARRANGE all my pics and all the work I had just done and erased all my text.  I was SO BUMMED!  I had to start all over.  It takes longer than it sounds…having to search through over a hundred photos that are NOT in order, and having to put them in order…and then changing the layout of each page so that the photos fit just right.  After typing in the text, you have to resize it, drag it to the right spot and you can change the font and the color.  Time consuming but worth every minute.  The next afternoon I went back to pick it up AND to make a smaller book for mine and Dominic’s dad.  Both were customized for them, no 3 books were the same.  After over an hour of working on MY dad’s book and on the LAST page, the kiosk throws an ERROR pop-up at me telling me the computer needs to be rebooted.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Again…I had to start over!  Not my fault this time.  But I totally wanted to spend ANOTHER HOUR working on it so it worked out (read with sarcasm).  Then it took me 45 minutes to make Dominic’s dad’s book.  I wouldn’t have been able to get these done if it hadn’t been for my mom, GRANDMA, babysitting little Mia both evenings.  THANK YOU SOOOOO  MUCH!!!  She got to see just how fussy and needy this kid can be.  “Man, she just doesn’t want to sleep!  I have to carry her everywhere and bounce her in my arms or rock her.  I was so tired at the end of the night!”  Welcome to my life.  The difference is, you get to get a good night’s sleep, no interruptions :)

Here are a few peeks at the photo books!…

On Father’s Day morning, I made my husband a special breakfast all from scratch!  It took me about an hour and a half to knock it out.  You can find the recipe for all of this, HERE.

This morning’s special on the menu: biscuits and gravy.  I’ve never made these before but I’m glad I did because they were really yummy.  Definitely a repeat recipe.  They were served with a side of potatoes and peppers, scrambled cheese eggs and of course, bacon. You know it was good when they go back for seconds :)

We spent the afternoon lounging by the pool, just our little family.  What a beautiful day.

And what a BEAUTIFUL daughter we have!

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  1. So sweet!! This is by far the best one yet Misty.. LOVE the books! They turned out great!!! She is so beautiful and I am so happy to watch her grow! <3 Looks like a perfect first father's day! <3

  2. She is changing so much, I LOVE her blue eyes…and that's a hair-do if I ever saw one! I want to kiss & squish her, can't wait to see her again!

  3. What a sweet fathers day, and your little one is so cute!! those eyes!

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