Our little sunshine has turned ONE!

          April 27, 2012 was the first day of the rest of my life. That was the day that life, as I  knew it, would never be the same. I brought my little Mia into my world, and what a brighter world it has become because of her. She lights it up with the slightest of ease and I think that’s pretty impressive. This past year has been full of firsts, full of what-the-heck-am-I-doing’s, full of awe, full of pride and full of love. Oh yeah, and there was plenty of dirty diapers, screams, cries, fusses and sleepless nights…but who’s counting. I wouldn’t trade a day of it for nothin’. Anyways, I’d be happy to elaborate on the past year in a later post. Today, I’m simply announcing my daughter’s first birthday and sharing with you the ever-so-popular “smash cake” photos I took of her a few weeks ago. Enjoy.

I created this little amateur photo shoot right outside my back door in a covered patio area. I used an old white sheet to tape against the wall of our house and drape onto the floor for the backdrop. I made the birthday banner from colored card stock and I punched holes in them to string them together with curling ribbon. I found a fun, vintage looking “frame” online and printed a bunch of them to write the letters on. I printed out the letters I needed in my desired font and then traced each one with a Sharpie onto my white “frames”. I used ModgePodge to evenly and smoothly glue each letter to the colored card stock.


I made the cake from a box recipe and the icing was homemade to get a better consistency for my iced roses. I used a piping bag with a 1m tip to create the roses. I received so many compliments on my cake and I kid you not, it’s the easiest look to achieve. It probably took me 5 minutes to ice this cake. I followed this tutorial, making swirls from the center and swirling your way out. As long as you have the right tip and the right consistency of icing, it’s a piece of cake ;)



My mom and I worked together to try and capture some cute shots of my little birthday girl. It took us 2 different attempts on 2 different days to get any. The first day, she was tired and cranky and would not cooperate no matter what we did. The next day was just as hard to get even the slightest smile out of her (which we didn’t capture until the end…and it’s a little blurry!) You can see her in action, escaping each time my poor mother tried sitting her down next to the cake. She just wanted to take off. She had little to no interest in the cake or in her little photo shoot.






We finally ended up helping her out a bit by digging into the cake with one of the little cloud props we gave her to play with. She still wasn’t very interested in it.


  smash17b2  smashcollage3a

This was the smashiest she got with the cake. She ended up slapping at it a bunch of times, splashing a few bits of icing onto her face. She didn’t care to eat it or taste it and when even dared try to put some in her mouth, she screamed.



I didn’t get the shots I had hoped for. This was much more stressful than I had anticipated. Since she can walk, that’s all she wants to do. There’s no sitting this girl down. And, she refuses to look up at the camera when I’m taking her picture…all the time, not just here. No matter how silly my mom and I were acting, no matter how loud or how many funny noises we made, it didn’t phase her. She knew we wanted something out of her and she wasn’t giving it up. She’s a little firecracker. If your kid isn’t walking yet, take advantage of their limited mobility and create all the little photo shoots you can before they leave you in their dust.

Thank you, Mom (Grandma), for your help with dealing with our little escape artist. Next time, we may need a lasso. Maybe some strong duct tape. Or maybe a strong drink! Um, for us….not the baby. Sheesh! Oh, and thank you for putting up with the stressed out and demanding photographer. Your job wasn’t an easy one. For how much work Mia was, I think her photos are darling and I loved using them to decorate parts of her birthday party over the weekend (which I’ll be sharing more of with you soon).

Before you go, pretty please with rose icing on top…give us your VOTE (once, daily). We sure could use a boost in the rankings over at Top Baby Blogs. No prize, just much desired publicity. THANKS!

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  1. Wow! I’m impressed that you made the gorgeous props and the cake! Everything looks amazing!

  2. So cute and creative! I’m curious, where did you find the vintage “frames” for the birthday banner?

  3. Thanks so much! I\’m trying to remember where and I really think they\’re from either Target, Babies R Us or both. No place special but it was MONTHS ago.

  4. I love the pictures! Mia is adorable! I absolutely love her outfit! Where did you get it?

  5. Belated birthday wishes it looks like she had a great day and enjoyed eating her cake, pictures look great.

  6. Everything looks great!! Your cake came out really great!!
    I love the backdrop too!

  7. Kimmie & Averie says

    It says I’m “anonymous”……but it’s me, cousin Kimmie & Averie :)……awwwww-ha! I think i just figured out why….I’m a little slow.

  8. My belated birthday wishes Mia, Looking gorgeous with pictures above.
    Seems she had so much fun with the cake.

  9. Thanks a lot for the kind comment. And believe it, the rose icing is easy enough for a child to get right. And I made up the word \”smashiest\” in my post…I wouldn\’t dare question your \”takingly\” ;)

  10. Anonymous says

    I’m stilling laughing! Those pictures are priceless! The cake icing is amazing, and for-sure going to look that up! You are soooooo talented!!!! Thanks for sharing. :) And the sign…..breath takingly sweet. ( don’t think takingly is a word, but i’m going with it )

  11. Super cute pictures!!!

    The cake turned out AWESOME for sure! You decorated it beautifully.

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