Our sugary-sweet and simple Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, 2013. It was sugar-sweet, simple and sincere.

I spread some love via homemade Red Wine Cupcakes at work for my co-workers. It was there that I found out from our tall-drink-of-water, Bulgarian tennis instructor (with a heavy accent) that in Bulgaria, Valentine’s Day celebrates love AND wine! I like how Bulgarians think. My cupcakes were a bit nostalgic for him since they actually contain wine. I thought it was pretty cool that I unknowingly gave him a piece of home inside a piece of cake. I really like the idea of celebrating wine on Valentine’s Day and these cupcakes may have to be my signature holiday treat from now on. Oh, and btw…they were a hit! They are thick, heavy, rich, moist and delicious, topped with homemade cream cheese frosting. SO FATTENING. I’ll be posting the recipe soon.

vday 2013 collage2

My husband and I had predetermined that we were going to keep it simple this year. I mean, the holiday landed on a Thursday…a work day…and being parents of a 9 month old limits our romantic and financial capabilities. But to be honest, I was completely fine with spending the day like any other but with just a dash of extra love. This was our first V-Day as a family and as husband and wife.

I made Daddy Dom a Valentine’s Day Coupon book. I know, this isn’t anything new out there but it was new for us since I had never made one of these before. I also included a card with a message from my heart. Dominic brought home a delicious sushi dinner after work. What a delicious surprise from our favorite sushi spot, Blue Fish. Thanks, husband! Mia forgot it was Valentine’s Day and didn’t get us anything, but to make up for it, she gave us the best smiles and some priceless cuddles and nuzzles. I gave to her, her first licks (only a couple) of a heart-shaped lollipop. Yum.

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