our zoo day was inspired by a new top

You read the post title correctly, now let me explain (don’t worry, it’s short).

At my parents’ 4th of July party, one of our family friends hadn’t seen Mia since last year’s party when she was a week over 2 months old. This year, they brought with them a gift for her. I love getting unexpected gifts like that! They picked a seriously adorable outfit of giraffe print. Everyone “ooooohh’d” and “aaaaahh’d” over it…great pick. The giraffe print got me thinking of, you guessed it, giraffes. Weird, right? Giraffes got me thinking of the zoo, which then made me realize that Mia had never been to it yet. A spontaneous family day at the LA Zoo was in order. It’s just too bad this all happened the day after the 4th (and a Friday).


zoo Collage1 zoo Collage2

zoo8This is where Mia learned to say “hi.” I was holding her right in front of this here giraffe and told her to “say hi to the giraffe” while waving and she did. Just like that. And then she kept saying it the rest of the day…and the day after that and so forth. Sweet! Her “hi” is super cute…it’s said with a smile and sounds like “haaaaaa-eeeeeee”. Love it.

zoo Collage3  zoo6  zoo9

It was really packed that day (of course) and really HOT. Southern Cali summer weather is here, that’s for sure. I’ve gotta say, neither of those yucky things bothered me that day as much as finding that so many of the exhibits were closed! What the heck? Seriously, we’d walk up giant hills, maneuver through crowds, only to get to an empty exhibit with nothin’ to see. Shouldn’t the zoo peeps have a system where the admission is lowered when a certain number/percentage of their exhibits are closed? We felt ripped off and I should have complained but didn’t. Bleh.

See why Mia’s new top inspired this outing? Do any of you get randomly inspired like that?

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  1. LOVE the very last pic of her looking back at you – getting SO BIG!!! xoxo

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