Party Hoppin’

Last weekend, Mia attended not 1 but 2 birthday parties on the same day.  They were her first parties and both were for boys that were turning 1!  Man, before you know it my baby will be 1 and I’LL be having the party.  I can’t wait…I’ve already been planning it out (mentally).  Funny thing, the theme that I want for Mia’s 1st birthday was the same as one of the parties we went to…The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  I posted a little somethin’ about this theme way back when.  You can view it HERE.

Anyways, we were late to both parties but we made it and that’s what counts…I guess.  Mia slept through most of the first party in her car seat, but was good once she woke up.  She didn’t fuss or cry or complain (except when she was hungry).  She fully enjoyed all the sights, sounds and friends of ours who wanted to hold her.  Mommy and Daddy were able to enjoy ourselves as a result, so thanks bebe!  Here’s some eye candy for ya from Mia partyin’ it up all day ;)  Finally, I got some photos of ME with her!

*Note: Mia just turned 7 weeks old the day before these pics were taken*

Party #1

Theme: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The best part of waking up…


…is formula in your cup! (Sung like the Folgers Coffee commercial)

Party #2

Dad being silly…typical

I think she’s just as confused about her hair as we are

This kid gets a ridiculous amount of kisses from me


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  1. Hi Minu! Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself, and for reading my blog, AND for voting (another kiss for Mia)! You know, I really wish that once the owl is clicked that there would be some sort of confirmation page that pops up saying “thank you for your vote”…because that’s it, that’s all you need to do. There’s no further digging required :)

  2. Hi, I am Minu from TamilNadu(A southern state of India)..I have started reading ur blog recently..i have become a regular reader of your blog. Ur blog is so real..and Mia is such a sweety…I have a doubt..i really love your blog and am trying to vote..if i click the owl on the left, does it mean that i have voted or do i need to follow the link and dig in deeper…?

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