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My friend, Carol, had been wanting to explore some ideas she had been gathering for a little photo shoot for Mia.  Her and I both love taking photos, especially of our little ones.  Of course, I was more than willing to volunteer Mia for some fun with the camera, and my mom joined as well.  We met at a very secluded park in Glendale where Carol had some props set up for Mia’s first photo shoot. Carol was in full control of the camera while my mom and I were in charge of Mia’s wardrobe changes, keeping her from teetering over (she still can’t sit up on her own), and making the most ridiculous faces, noises and gestures behind the camera to try to get her to look in Carol’s direction or even smile/laugh. We were crazy stage moms for the afternoon.  Good thing there were next to no other people around.  I’m sure we looked certifiably nuts.  Mia wasn’t amused, though.  She hadn’t napped yet and was so tired.  At least the grown-ups had fun with our little amateur hour.  Here are my favorite shots that Carol captured that day…










This is where Mia puts on her sleepy eyes…


…so we “took 5” until she was camera ready again.




She was so intrigued by her reflection.  She started sticking her little tongue out and actually licking and sucking on the mirror.  It was hysterical…it looked like she was making out with herself. I’ll have to ask Dominic if he’s part French after seeing our daughter give so much tongue!




Lesson of the day…take pictures!  Your little one will never be this young again.  Even if you don’t have a fancy camera, even if you do and don’t completely know how to use it (like us), take pictures!!!  The more we do it, the more familiar we’ll become with our camera, the more clever ideas you’ll get, the better photographer we’ll become.  I’m sure we’ll have it down just in time for their high school graduations :)

Thank you, Carol, for capturing so much cuteness.  Thanks, Mom, for helping on the sideline and for jumping in a few shots with Mia. Mia and I are looking forward to our next little photo adventure.

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  1. SO CUTE! The mommy & daughter resemblance is AWESOME! I need a photo shoot with P….maybe Miss Misty can get a few good shots next weekend :)

  2. Not bad for an amateur!! I had SOOOO much fun taking these. Mia is such a beautiful baby and brings such a smile to my heart.. I am so lucky to have you as a friend and be able to take part in her life. I agree.. these moments go by too fast and sooner than you think she'll be starting first grade and walking to class on her own leaving you with the realization that this is where it begins… your baby is now a "big" girl. I quote Maddy on this: "Mommy, I'm not a baby anymore. but I'll always be your baby." Ahhh the insight of a six year old. All these moments are equally wonderful and all are to be enjoyed.. even the tears and late nights. Thank you again for doing this with me.. I had a wonderful day with you three ladies! <3

  3. You look so much like your Mom!!

    • yeah, I've only been told that like…a bazillion times! my mom looks like her mom, and now I'm being told Mia looks like me. Us women are carrying some pretty dominant genes I guess.

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