A Portrait A Week: 36/52

“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013.”


My 16 month old, Mia, is usually on a destructive rampage. She empties out the contents of bins, buckets and bowls onto the floor. She tears apart paper, her favorite being post-it notes. She’ll tug and pull at me, directing me over to her blocks so that I’ll build…only to knock them down after I’ve stacked just 3 of them. She’s a wild child, that’s certain, and in no way do I want to change that nor do I fault her for it. This is who my baby is, right now. This is how she chooses to express herself. She’s playing and experimenting with gravity and with cause & effect. She’s learning of the power she has over objects and probably over my reactions to her actions. Basically, she’s learning…period. I embrace that, completely.

All I’ve told you so far, is what makes this particular picture so special to me. It marks a moment of growth for my daughter. This captures a simple achievement for you and I, but a huge one for her and her tiny little hands being controlled by her busy little mind. She sat calmly and made the decision on her own to stack little rounds of streamers, topped with her sippy cup. She actually did it a few times. And then this new skill continued in my bedroom with a box of my nail polish bottles. She stacked them in a nice row on top of other small boxes and flat objects. She moves with purpose, poise and according to a plan. She’s using gravity in a new way and learning about balance. It truly is the little things that can and will make a parent feel so proud and full of joy. I am and will forever be her little cheerleader…cheering, clapping and encouraging her along her way through life.

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Here are some of my favorite “portraits” from week 35 (last week):

I’m a sucker for baby feet and wrinkly hands // upside-down smiles are the best! // this sweet face and that vintage top // a flower among flowers

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