A Portrait A Week: 38/52

“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013.”


//sun dress c/o: Baby Beau & Belle\\

Have I told ya’ll how much I love my new work schedule? I’m now the closer at the school I work at. I gave up my job as the art teacher, a position I’ve had for the last 10 years, because I have chosen to commit more of my time to my daughter. I only work a few hours in the later afternoon/evening each day, allowing me to spend my whole morning with Mia and allowing her to nap at home. Most importantly, my new work schedule allows me to have moments and days like this.

This photo was taken at a local park where Mia and I explored to our hearts’ content. It was a few degrees cooler out than the usual 90 degrees we’ve been growing completely annoyed with over the last few weeks here in southern California. Because of this, we’ve been keeping to the great indoors. We were getting a bit stir crazy, but I don’t do well in such heat. So to the park we went.

We strolled through green grass, crunched over fallen leaves, gazed at the blue sky and watched a few other park goers walk their dogs nearby. Mia approached large rocks and trees to satisfy her curiosity of touch and texture. Mia examined her new surroundings intently. Here, she is sizing up the trees that tower over her tiny little body. Birds are flying in and out of them and small branches and leaves are swaying in the breeze. She’s just in awe. Every sight and sound sparked her interest. It’s truly something else, seeing the world through a your child’s eyes.

I couldn’t help but to slow down my movements and my thoughts, to synchronize myself with her stride. She’s the perfect reminder of living in the now and relishing in each moment. I (and I think most adults) tend to constantly be thinking of things that happened in the past or are worrying about what’s to come. It’s hard to clear our minds from such trivial matter to focus on and soak in the moment at hand. This is something I intend to work on and improve. I’ve got the perfect, 17 month old guide living with me to show me how.

Here are some of my favorite “portraits” from week 37 (last week):

four eyes never looked so sweet! // this eye-spy blondie

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52 a portrait a week-250px

And don’t forget to…




  1. Total and utter cuteness; the gaze, the chubby hand dimples, and the floral bloomers! Thanks so much for choosing my peepo shot of Jody as one of your favourites from last week – really kind of you x

  2. beautiful!
    loveee her outfit, too.

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