A Portrait A Week: 41/52

“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

(17.5 months old)


I just can’t get enough of this face! What is she doing? What is she thinking, I wonder?! This face is her ultimate “I’m a stinker” face and it’s one of my most favorite. My little Mia is such a little firecracker and I wouldn’t change that for anything in the world. I love her bossy, sassy, feisty, demanding, fearless, crafty, lively, stubborn, impatient, snappy little self. She loves to test me and herself every single day and manages to carry on a sly little sense of humor during it all. She also is as sweet as pie when she wants to be…which is pretty often.

Here, I had asked Mia not to climb up on this bench because I was trying to get her to walk in the opposite direction. Silly me, I had forgotten my new reality that every day for the rest of my life is “opposite day” and that Mia will most likely do the exact opposite of what I say or ask of her…forever. I’m realizing that along with this parenting gig of teaching wrong from right, educating and basically keeping her healthy and safe…outsmarting her and using mind tricks is also part of the job description. She’s got her own set of tricks up her sleeve as well, so we’re at a constant battle of wits I guess.

Bring it on, girl. Bring…it…on.

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Here are some of my favorite “portraits” from week 39 (last week):

this excited baby boy and his “bumpins” // sun kissed flowers and floating // bath time bum (I’m a sucker for baby bums!)

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