A Portrait A Week: 44/52

“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

(18 months old and photo taken with my phone)


This kid loves her Daddy. Often times she’s rummaging through his belongings from his wallet (good girl) and mini-flashlights on the dresser, to his office supplies in his office, and his clothes in his closet. When I’m folding the laundry, this little bandit likes to steal a work shirt of his (they’re bright green) and will hold onto it like a personal blankey (which I just realized she doesn’t have). All of this usually occurs when Daddy Dom is at work. I think it’s Mia’s way of letting me know she’s thinking of him, maybe she wants to feel close to him or misses him. It’s so darling and down right cute when she does it.

Did you know that she says “Dada” constantly throughout the day (whether or not he’s home) and will maybe say “Mama” once a day, if I’m lucky??? True story, folks. She absolutely can say “mama”, which is what she calls me, but refuses to even when asked. “Mia, can you say ‘Mama’?”…her response: “Dada.” I correct her and try again but she insists on only saying “Dada.” What gives?!

Over the weekend, I snapped this “in the moment” photo of Mia trying on Daddy’s work boots. This was her first time trying them on (as far as I know) and she did it all by herself. There’s a dresser to her left that she used to hold while she slipped her feet into to them. I happened to be already standing in front of her (she’s facing my bedroom’s bathroom), getting ready to go to a baby shower that afternoon. She stepped into them once, then realized that her beloved Nemo was laying on the floor nearby and stepped out of the boots to grab him before getting back in for another picture. Daddy was in the next room and loved being surprised by this photo.

Those are some pretty big boots to fill and she’s already trying. She’s got so many great memories ahead of her with her Daddy. I could be wrong, but I don’t think this kid is going be a “girly girl” at all. She already likes to get dirty and loves the outdoors. She’s gone on a few hikes with Daddy recently and she amazingly walks most of the way, even the steep hills. Her future holds plenty more hikes, camping, and fishing with Daddy. I’m so thankful that her childhood will include activities like those. She’s lucky to have the Daddy that she does.

Here are some of my favorite “portraits” from week 43 (last week):

The sweetest, red-booted Beetlejuice! // cuddly baby Zoe, with the most mouth-watering arms! // a painting beauty and her prowling brother // I’m a sucker for art, I was an art teacher after all. Another lovely during some artistic expression // a fuzzy fox with a link to a DIY on how the mask was made. LOVE this!

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