A Portrait A Week: 45/52

“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

week45 Collage

I’m behind on this portrait project, once again. Will I ever be that mom who’s always on top of things? A better question is does that person even exist? I try, guys. Really. Anyways, I decided to go triptych on ya with this 3 panel portrait this week. I think it best illustrates this girl’s love for her favorite show (Bubble Guppies, still) and her love for pushing things. Mia will pretty much push anything on wheels. We hardly put her in her stroller anymore, she’d much rather be pushing it than to be sitting. She also loves to push the shopping cart at the store which is why it’s very appropriate that Grandma bought her her very own Mia sized cart to push around at her house when she’s babysitting. It’s cute to watch Mia decide which items are worthy of entering her cart and it’s very entertaining to watch her push the cart in circles around tables and through every room in the house. She’ll take a few seconds to herself to catch up on Bubble Guppies and then she’s off once again.

Oh, and dare I forget to mention that purse! Mia loves to, no HAS TO, carry around her purse everywhere she goes. She has a few that she’s grown attached to. This particular one stays at Grandma’s house. Mia discovered it at a thrift store while we were costume shopping for Halloween this year. She picked it up and it’s hardly left her arm since. And don’t worry, my mom thoroughly sanitized the purse once we got home.

Here are some of my favorite “portraits” from week 44 (last week):

There’s a theme to my picks this week, can you tell what it is??

a darling, watchful tiger // a howling doggie (my kid refuses to wear hoods/hats, too! // the cutest puppy with matching “puppy dog eyes” // a few more furry friends

You can find plenty more portraits from last week here

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