A Portrait A Week: 47/52

“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

bed head CollageI’m behind by a week, still.

This double portrait captures the afternoon that my daughter woke up from her nap with THE worst case of bed head to date (for her, NOT in existence). What on Earth was going on in that crib of hers to create such a stunning head of hair?! I really do wish we would have spent a few more bucks on a video baby monitor but I thought it was a total waste when we were deciding on what to get. Of course, they’re not necessary. I know of some families that don’t use a monitor at all. But, they sure would offer a heck of a lot more peace of mind at night and would answer a lot of unanswered questions like the mystery of this “bed head.”

She must be moshing it up with her crew of stuffed animals in her crib. I’d be one proud mama, if that were the case. In my early-mid twenties I did my fair share of moshing in the pit (in high heels and a dress, mind you) at the countless Unwritten Law shows I’ve attended. They were my favorite band. Because of this little known fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Mia acquired similar moshing tendencies from me. That…would be smashing.

Here are some of my favorite “portraits” from week 46 (last week):

this swinging excitement! // peaceful, mini artist // the most adorable display of brotherly love!

You can find plenty more portraits from last week here

52 a portrait a week-250px

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  1. She is beautiful <3 love that little girl <3

  2. LOVE her hair! That is wonderful!

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