Pretty Purple Project

I mentioned in the post, 39 Weeks Pregnant, that Daddy Dominic beautifully painted a dresser for Mia.  A week and a half ago, this is what our Saturday afternoon looked like.  I sat outside nearby to see just how a project like this is done.  My mom actually found this dresser at a garage sale and bought it for us for the price of $30 (I think).  Not bad.  I love garage sales!

A "before" shot of the dresser

Sanding the sides and edges...

Removing each shelf and sanding them as well...

Starting the first coat out of two

Coat 1 is done

Rancho and Roxi hung around to watch the process, too

The fancy, final product, set up in Mia's nursery

I really do love having a handy-man kinda husband.  I value so much his desire to create, build, fix and just DO.  That’s my kind of man.

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